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GDB has some commands to support Fortran-specific features, such as displaying common blocks.

info common [common-name]

This command prints the values contained in the Fortran COMMON block whose name is common-name. With no argument, the names of all COMMON blocks visible at the current program location are printed.

set fortran repack-array-slices [on|off]
show fortran repack-array-slices

When taking a slice from an array, a Fortran compiler can choose to either produce an array descriptor that describes the slice in place, or it may repack the slice, copying the elements of the slice into a new region of memory.

When this setting is on, then GDB will also repack array slices in some situations. When this setting is off, then GDB will create array descriptors for slices that reference the original data in place.

GDB will never repack an array slice if the data for the slice is contiguous within the original array.

GDB will always repack string slices if the data for the slice is non-contiguous within the original string as GDB does not support printing non-contiguous strings.

The default for this setting is off.