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13.1.8 Listing Static Tracepoint Markers

info static-tracepoint-markers

Display information about all static tracepoint markers defined in the program.

For each marker, the following columns are printed:


An incrementing counter, output to help readability. This is not a stable identifier.


The marker ID, as reported by the target.

Enabled or Disabled

Probed markers are tagged with ‘y’. ‘n’ identifies marks that are not enabled.


Where the marker is in your program, as a memory address.


Where the marker is in the source for your program, as a file and line number. If the debug information included in the program does not allow GDB to locate the source of the marker, this column will be left blank.

In addition, the following information may be printed for each marker:


User data passed to the tracing library by the marker call. In the UST backend, this is the format string passed as argument to the marker call.

Static tracepoints probing the marker

The list of static tracepoints attached to the marker.

(gdb) info static-tracepoint-markers
Cnt ID         Enb Address            What
1   ust/bar2   y   0x0000000000400e1a in main at stexample.c:25
     Data: number1 %d number2 %d
     Probed by static tracepoints: #2
2   ust/bar33  n   0x0000000000400c87 in main at stexample.c:24
     Data: str %s