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15.4.3 Go

GDB can be used to debug programs written in Go and compiled with gccgo or 6g compilers.

Here is a summary of the Go-specific features and restrictions:

The current Go package

The name of the current package does not need to be specified when specifying global variables and functions.

For example, given the program:

package main
var myglob = "Shall we?"
func main () {
  // ...

When stopped inside main either of these work:

(gdb) p myglob
(gdb) p main.myglob
Builtin Go types

The string type is recognized by GDB and is printed as a string.

Builtin Go functions

The GDB expression parser recognizes the unsafe.Sizeof function and handles it internally.

Restrictions on Go expressions

All Go operators are supported except &^. The Go _ “blank identifier” is not supported. Automatic dereferencing of pointers is not supported.