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27.5.1 GDB/MI Result Records

In addition to a number of out-of-band notifications, the response to a GDB/MI command includes one of the following result indications:

"^done" [ "," results ]

The synchronous operation was successful, results are the return values.


This result record is equivalent to ‘^done’. Historically, it was output instead of ‘^done’ if the command has resumed the target. This behaviour is maintained for backward compatibility, but all frontends should treat ‘^done’ and ‘^running’ identically and rely on the ‘*running’ output record to determine which threads are resumed.


GDB has connected to a remote target.

"^error" "," "msg=" c-string [ "," "code=" c-string ]

The operation failed. The msg=c-string variable contains the corresponding error message.

If present, the code=c-string variable provides an error code on which consumers can rely on to detect the corresponding error condition. At present, only one error code is defined:


Indicates that the command causing the error does not exist.


GDB has terminated.