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30.1 JIT Declarations

These are the relevant struct declarations that a C program should include to implement the interface:

typedef enum
} jit_actions_t;

struct jit_code_entry
  struct jit_code_entry *next_entry;
  struct jit_code_entry *prev_entry;
  const char *symfile_addr;
  uint64_t symfile_size;

struct jit_descriptor
  uint32_t version;
  /* This type should be jit_actions_t, but we use uint32_t
     to be explicit about the bitwidth.  */
  uint32_t action_flag;
  struct jit_code_entry *relevant_entry;
  struct jit_code_entry *first_entry;

/* GDB puts a breakpoint in this function.  */
void __attribute__((noinline)) __jit_debug_register_code() { };

/* Make sure to specify the version statically, because the
   debugger may check the version before we can set it.  */
struct jit_descriptor __jit_debug_descriptor = { 1, 0, 0, 0 };

If the JIT is multi-threaded, then it is important that the JIT synchronize any modifications to this global data properly, which can easily be done by putting a global mutex around modifications to these structures.