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K.1 Debuginfod Settings

GDB provides the following commands for configuring debuginfod.

set debuginfod enabled
set debuginfod enabled on

GDB may query debuginfod servers for missing debug info and source files. GDB may also download individual ELF/DWARF sections such as .gdb_index to help reduce the total amount of data downloaded from debuginfod servers; this can be controlled by maint set debuginfod download-sections (see maint set debuginfod download-sections).

set debuginfod enabled off

GDB will not attempt to query debuginfod servers when missing debug info or source files. By default, debuginfod enabled is set to off for non-interactive sessions.

set debuginfod enabled ask

GDB will prompt the user to enable or disable debuginfod before attempting to perform the next query. By default, debuginfod enabled is set to ask for interactive sessions.

show debuginfod enabled

Display whether debuginfod enabled is set to on, off or ask.

set debuginfod urls
set debuginfod urls urls

Set the space-separated list of URLs that debuginfod will attempt to query. Only http://, https:// and file:// protocols should be used. The default value of debuginfod urls is copied from the DEBUGINFOD_URLS environment variable.

show debuginfod urls

Display the list of URLs that debuginfod will attempt to query.

set debuginfod verbose
set debuginfod verbose n

Enable or disable debuginfod-related output. Use a non-zero value to enable and 0 to disable. debuginfod output is shown by default.

show debuginfod verbose

Show the current verbosity setting.