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21.3.10 CRIS

When configured for debugging CRIS, GDB provides the following CRIS-specific commands:

set cris-version ver

Set the current CRIS version to ver, either ‘10’ or ‘32’. The CRIS version affects register names and sizes. This command is useful in case autodetection of the CRIS version fails.

show cris-version

Show the current CRIS version.

set cris-dwarf2-cfi

Set the usage of DWARF-2 CFI for CRIS debugging. The default is ‘on’. Change to ‘off’ when using gcc-cris whose version is below R59.

show cris-dwarf2-cfi

Show the current state of using DWARF-2 CFI.

set cris-mode mode

Set the current CRIS mode to mode. It should only be changed when debugging in guru mode, in which case it should be set to ‘guru’ (the default is ‘normal’).

show cris-mode

Show the current CRIS mode.