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22.8.4 Displaying files tried for auto-load

For better visibility of all the file locations where you can place scripts to be auto-loaded with inferior — or to protect yourself against accidental execution of untrusted scripts — GDB provides a feature for printing all the files attempted to be loaded. Both existing and non-existing files may be printed.

For example the list of directories from which it is safe to auto-load files (see Auto-loading safe path) applies also to canonicalized filenames which may not be too obvious while setting it up.

(gdb) set debug auto-load on
(gdb) file ~/src/t/true
auto-load: Loading canned sequences of commands script "/tmp/true-gdb.gdb"
           for objfile "/tmp/true".
auto-load: Updating directories of "/usr:/opt".
auto-load: Using directory "/usr".
auto-load: Using directory "/opt".
warning: File "/tmp/true-gdb.gdb" auto-loading has been declined
         by your `auto-load safe-path' set to "/usr:/opt".
set debug auto-load [on|off]

Set whether to print the filenames attempted to be auto-loaded.

show debug auto-load

Show whether printing of the filenames attempted to be auto-loaded is turned on or off.