debugedit provides programs and scripts for creating debuginfo and source file distributions, collect build-ids and rewrite source paths in DWARF data for debugging, tracing and profiling.

The current debugedit source code can be checked out with:

git clone

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Project discussion on (archives, public-inbox).

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See the README file for how to propose patches to the code.


The debugedit code is based on code originally from the rpm project plus libiberty and binutils. It depends on the elfutils libelf and libdw libraries to read and write ELF files, DWARF data and build-ids.

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The debuginfo project as a whole can be redistributed under the GPLv3+. Some individual source files may also be redistributed under the GPLv2+ or under the LGPLv2+. See the headers of the individual files to learn which licenses apply. All licenses used are upward compatible with GPLv3+.