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The current stable version is bzip2 1.0.8.

Classic stable bzip2 1.0.x

Here is the latest bzip2 1.0.x source tarball release, which includes full documentation. Releases are PGP signed, here is the latest bzip2 1.0.x.sig signature file. The signing key is gpgkey-5C1D1AA44BE649DE760A.gpg

All (older) releases can be found through or

The bzip2 1.0.x git tree can be checked out with:

git clone git://

bzip2 test suite

The bzip2 test suite is maintained in a seperate repository and contains test files from various bzip2 implementations to check compatibility. It can be checked out with:

git clone git://

Experimental bzip2 1.1.x

There is also a experimental future branch which includes a modern build system and an experimental Rust port. It can be checked out with:

git clone


Nowadays bzip2 ships as standard on many Unix / Linux systems. If you're using one of those, it is worth checking if it is already installed, or is present on the installation media.

No executables are available here, only source code.

bzip2 is very portable. It should run on practically any 32 or 64 bit computer, if you have enough spare memory (at least 8 megabytes). If you have an ANSI C compiler, you have a very good chance of building a working executable from the sources with minimal difficulty.

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