Bug 3323

Summary: java.lang.Exception from observing python process on FC5
Product: frysk Reporter: Len DiMaggio <ldimaggi>
Component: generalAssignee: Unassigned <frysk-bugzilla>
Status: NEW ---    
Severity: normal    
Priority: P2    
Version: unspecified   
Target Milestone: ---   
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Bug Blocks: 1633    

Description Len DiMaggio 2006-10-09 14:52:43 UTC
I'm not sure how bad a problem this is - but it looks as though something is not
being initialized/cleared correctly.

With Frysk on FC5 built from CVS head 20060929 - if the user attempts to "Debug
an existing process" and that process is python - in my case - I was running
some ad hoc tests and selected this python process at random:

   root      1963     1  0 09:12 ?        00:00:00 python ./hpssd.py

The first time the process is selected, the "Frysk Source Window" GUI is
correctly displayed - if the user closes this window (File->Close - the problem
seems to not occur if the window is terminated), returns to the "Frysk Startup
Manager" GUI and repeats the previous steps, this exception is raised:

GTK Accessibility Module initialized
Found subnode: /theManager
Found subnode: /theManager/logWindow
Found subnode: /theManager/mainWindow
Key: size.width Value: 667
Key: size.height Value: 483
Key: position.y Value: 142
Key: position.x Value: 178
Found subnode: /theManager/mainWindow/allProcWidget
Key: TIME Value: true
Key: PPID Value: false
Key: Entry function Value: true
Key: NICE Value: false
Key: vPane.position Value: 200
Key: STAT Value: false
Key: RSS Value: true
Key: Command Value: true
Key: VSZ Value: true
Found subnode: /theManager/programObserverDialog
Key: numberOfObjects Value: 0
java.lang.Exception: gtk_widget_show_all: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed
   at org.gnu.glib.GObject.printStackTrace(libgtkjava-2.8.so)
   at org.gnu.gtk.Widget.gtk_widget_show_all(libgtkjava-2.8.so)
   at org.gnu.gtk.Widget.showAll(libgtkjava-2.8.so)
   at frysk.gui.srcwin.SourceWindowFactory.createSourceWindow(FryskGui)
   at frysk.gui.SessionManagerGui$2.buttonEvent(FryskGui)
   at org.gnu.gtk.Button.fireButtonEvent(libgtkjava-2.8.so)
   at org.gnu.gtk.Button.handleClick(libgtkjava-2.8.so)
   at org.gnu.gtk.Gtk.gtk_main(libgtkjava-2.8.so)
   at org.gnu.gtk.Gtk.main(libgtkjava-2.8.so)
   at frysk.gui.Gui.gui(FryskGui)
   at frysk.gui.FryskGui.main(FryskGui)
Comment 1 Mike Cvet 2007-02-08 20:15:38 UTC
Ping on this - Len, does this still happen for you?