Bug 17061

Summary: [ldbl-128/ldbl-128ibm] coshl inaccurate near 0
Product: glibc Reporter: Joseph Myers <jsm28>
Component: mathAssignee: Not yet assigned to anyone <unassigned>
Severity: normal Flags: fweimer: security-
Priority: P2    
Version: 2.19   
Target Milestone: ---   
Host: Target:
Build: Last reconfirmed:

Description Joseph Myers 2014-06-16 21:22:12 UTC
The ldbl-128 and ldbl-128ibm implementations of coshl have a threshold for small arguments for which the result (to nearest) is 1.  However, in those cases they return 1 + expm1(abs(x)) rather than 1, and while the threshold is small enough for cosh(x) (1 + x^2/2 + ...) to be 1, it's not small enough for 1 + abs(x) to be 1, resulting in large errors.  E.g., for ldbl-128:

Failure: Test: cosh (0x1p-72)
 is:          1.00000000000000000000e+00   0x1.00000000000000000100p+0
 should be:   1.00000000000000000000e+00   0x1.00000000000000000000p+0
 difference:  2.11758236813575084767e-22   0x1.00000000000000000000p-72
 ulp       :  1099511627776.0000
 max.ulp   :  1.0000

and for ldbl-128ibm:

Failure: Test: cosh (0x1p-56)
 is:          1.00000000000000001388e+00   0x1.00000000000001000000p+0
 should be:   1.00000000000000000000e+00   0x1.00000000000000000000p+0
 difference:  1.38777878078144567553e-17   0x1.00000000000000000000p-56
 ulp       :  562949953421312.0000
 max.ulp   :  3.0000
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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

commit 4648909d56c1e9063017bcddd3271dffadef7cb5
Author: Joseph Myers <joseph@codesourcery.com>
Date:   Mon Jun 23 20:20:10 2014 +0000

    Fix cosh spurious underflows from expm1 (bug 16354), inaccurate results near 0 (bug 17061).
    This patch fixes bug 16354, spurious underflows from cosh when a tiny
    argument is passed to expm1 and expm1 correctly underflows although
    the final result of cosh should be 1.  As noted in that bug, some
    cases are latent because of expm1 implementations not raising
    underflow (bug 16353), but all the implementations are fixed
    similarly.  They already contained checks for tiny arguments, but the
    checks were too late to avoid underflow from expm1 (although they
    would avoid underflow from subsequent squaring of the result of
    expm1); they are moved before the expm1 calls.
    The thresholds used for considering arguments tiny are not
    particularly consistent in how they relate to the precision of the
    floating-point format in question.  They are, however, all sufficient
    to ensure that the round-to-nearest result of cosh is indeed 1 below
    the threshold (although sometimes they are smaller than necessary).
    But the previous logic did not return 1, but the previously computed 1
    + expm1(abs(x)) value.  And the thresholds in the ldbl-128 and
    ldbl-128ibm code (0x1p-71L - I suspect 0x3f8b was intended in the code
    instead of 0x3fb8 - and (roughly) 0x1p-55L) are not sufficient for
    that value to be 1.  So by moving the test for tiny arguments, and
    consequently returning 1 directly now the expm1 value hasn't been
    computed by that point, this patch also fixes bug 17061, the (large
    number of ulps) inaccuracy for small arguments in those
    implementations.  Tests for that bug are duly added.
    Tested x86_64 and x86 and ulps updated accordingly.  Also tested for
    mips64 and powerpc32 to validate the ldbl-128 and ldbl-128ibm changes.
    	[BZ #16354]
    	[BZ #17061]
    	* sysdeps/ieee754/dbl-64/e_cosh.c (__ieee754_cosh): Check for
    	small arguments before calling __expm1.
    	* sysdeps/ieee754/flt-32/e_coshf.c (__ieee754_coshf): Check for
    	small arguments before calling __expm1f.
    	* sysdeps/ieee754/ldbl-128/e_coshl.c (__ieee754_coshl): Check for
    	small arguments before calling __expm1l.
    	* sysdeps/ieee754/ldbl-128ibm/e_coshl.c (__ieee754_coshl):
    	* sysdeps/ieee754/ldbl-96/e_coshl.c (__ieee754_coshl): Likewise.
    	* math/auto-libm-test-in: Add more cosh tests.  Do not allow
    	spurious underflow for some cosh tests.
    	* math/auto-libm-test-out: Regenerated.
    	* sysdeps/i386/fpu/libm-test-ulps: Update.


Summary of changes:
 ChangeLog                             |   16 +
 NEWS                                  |   20 +-
 math/auto-libm-test-in                |   13 +-
 math/auto-libm-test-out               |  732 +++++++++++++++++++--------------
 sysdeps/i386/fpu/libm-test-ulps       |    1 +
 sysdeps/ieee754/dbl-64/e_cosh.c       |    4 +-
 sysdeps/ieee754/flt-32/e_coshf.c      |    2 +-
 sysdeps/ieee754/ldbl-128/e_coshl.c    |    4 +-
 sysdeps/ieee754/ldbl-128ibm/e_coshl.c |    2 +-
 sysdeps/ieee754/ldbl-96/e_coshl.c     |    2 +-
 10 files changed, 458 insertions(+), 338 deletions(-)
Comment 2 Joseph Myers 2014-06-23 20:22:01 UTC
Fixed for 2.20.
Comment 3 Sourceware Commits 2014-09-07 12:17:10 UTC
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   tagging  b8079dd0d360648e4e8de48656c5c38972621072 (commit)
  replaces  glibc-2.19
 tagged by  Allan McRae
        on  Sun Sep 7 18:17:29 2014 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
The GNU C Library

The GNU C Library version 2.20 is now available.

The GNU C Library is used as *the* C library in the GNU systems
and is widely used on systems with the Linux kernel.

The GNU C Library is primarily designed to be a portable
and high performance C library.  It follows all relevant
standards including ISO C11 and POSIX.1-2008.  It is also
internationalized and has one of the most complete
internationalization interfaces known.

The GNU C Library webpage is at http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/

Packages for the 2.20 release may be downloaded from:

The mirror list is at http://www.gnu.org/order/ftp.html

NEWS for version 2.20

* The following bugs are resolved with this release:

  6804, 9894, 12994, 13347, 13651, 14308, 14770, 15119, 15132, 15347, 15514,
  15698, 15804, 15894, 15946, 16002, 16064, 16095, 16194, 16198, 16275,
  16284, 16287, 16315, 16348, 16349, 16354, 16357, 16362, 16447, 16516,
  16532, 16539, 16545, 16561, 16562, 16564, 16574, 16599, 16600, 16609,
  16610, 16611, 16613, 16619, 16623, 16629, 16632, 16634, 16639, 16642,
  16648, 16649, 16670, 16674, 16677, 16680, 16681, 16683, 16689, 16695,
  16701, 16706, 16707, 16712, 16713, 16714, 16724, 16731, 16739, 16740,
  16743, 16754, 16758, 16759, 16760, 16770, 16786, 16789, 16791, 16796,
  16799, 16800, 16815, 16823, 16824, 16831, 16838, 16839, 16849, 16854,
  16876, 16877, 16878, 16882, 16885, 16888, 16890, 16892, 16912, 16915,
  16916, 16917, 16918, 16922, 16927, 16928, 16932, 16943, 16958, 16965,
  16966, 16967, 16977, 16978, 16984, 16990, 16996, 17009, 17022, 17031,
  17042, 17048, 17050, 17058, 17061, 17062, 17069, 17075, 17078, 17079,
  17084, 17086, 17088, 17092, 17097, 17125, 17135, 17137, 17150, 17153,
  17187, 17213, 17259, 17261, 17262, 17263, 17319, 17325, 17354.

* Reverted change of ABI data structures for s390 and s390x:
  On s390 and s390x the size of struct ucontext and jmp_buf was increased in
  2.19. This change is reverted in 2.20. The introduced 2.19 symbol versions
  of getcontext, setjmp, _setjmp, __sigsetjmp, longjmp, _longjmp, siglongjmp
  are preserved pointing straight to the same implementation as the old ones.
  Given that, new callers will simply provide a too-big buffer to these
  functions. Any applications/libraries out there that embed jmp_buf or
  ucontext_t in an ABI-relevant data structure that have already been rebuilt
  against 2.19 headers will have to rebuilt again. This is necessary in any
  case to revert the breakage in their ABI caused by the glibc change.

* Support for file description locks is added to systems running the
  Linux kernel. The standard file locking interfaces are extended to
  operate on file descriptions, not file descriptors, via the use of
  F_OFD_GETLK, F_OFD_SETLK, and F_OFD_SETLKW. File description locks
  are associated with an open file instead of a process.

* Optimized strchr implementation for AArch64.  Contributed by ARM Ltd.

* The minimum Linux kernel version that this version of the GNU C Library
  can be used with is 2.6.32.

* Running the testsuite no longer terminates as soon as a test fails.
  Instead, a file tests.sum (xtests.sum from "make xcheck") is generated,
  with PASS or FAIL lines for individual tests.  A summary of the results is
  printed, including a list of failing lists, and "make check" exits with
  error status if there were any unexpected failures.  "make check
  stop-on-test-failure=y" may be used to keep the old behavior.

* The am33 port, which had not worked for several years, has been removed
  from ports.

* The _BSD_SOURCE and _SVID_SOURCE feature test macros are no longer
  supported; they now act the same as _DEFAULT_SOURCE (but generate a
  warning).  Except for cases where _BSD_SOURCE enabled BSD interfaces that
  conflicted with POSIX (support for which was removed in 2.19), the
  interfaces those macros enabled remain available when compiling with
  _GNU_SOURCE defined, with _DEFAULT_SOURCE defined, or without any feature
  test macros defined.

* Optimized strcmp implementation for ARMv7.  Contributed by ARM Ltd.

* Added support for TX lock elision of pthread mutexes on s390 and s390x.
  This may improve lock scaling of existing programs on TX capable systems.
  The lock elision code is only built with --enable-lock-elision=yes and
  then requires a GCC version supporting the TX builtins.  With lock elision
  default mutexes are elided via __builtin_tbegin, if the cpu supports
  transactions. By default lock elision is not enabled and the elision code
  is not built.

* CVE-2014-4043 The posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen implementation did not
  copy the path argument.  This allowed programs to cause posix_spawn to
  deference a dangling pointer, or use an unexpected pathname argument if
  the string was modified after the posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen

* All supported architectures now use the main glibc sysdeps directory
  instead of some being in a separate "ports" directory (which was
  distributed separately before glibc 2.17).

* The NPTL implementation of POSIX pthreads is no longer an "add-on".
  On configurations that support it (all Linux configurations), it's now
  used regardless of the --enable-add-ons switch to configure.  It is no
  longer possible to build such configurations without pthreads support.

* Locale names, including those obtained from environment variables (LANG
  and the LC_* variables), are more tightly checked for proper syntax.
  setlocale will now fail (with EINVAL) for locale names that are overly
  long, contain slashes without starting with a slash, or contain ".." path
  components. (CVE-2014-0475)  Previously, some valid locale names were
  silently replaced with the "C" locale when running in AT_SECURE mode
  (e.g., in a SUID program).  This is no longer necessary because of the
  additional checks.

* On x86-64, the dynamic linker's lazy-binding support is now compatible
  with application code using Intel MPX instructions.  (With all previous
  versions, the MPX register state could be clobbered when making calls
  into or out of a shared library.)  Note that while the new dynamic
  linker is compatible with all known x86 hardware whether or not it
  supports Intel MPX, some x86 instruction-set emulators might fail to
  handle the new instruction encodings.  This is known to affect Valgrind
  versions up through 3.9 (but will be fixed in the forthcoming 3.10
  release), and might affect other tools that do instruction emulation.

* Support for loadable gconv transliteration modules has been removed.
  The support for transliteration modules has been non-functional for
  over a decade, and the removal is prompted by security defects.  The
  normal gconv conversion modules are still supported.  Transliteration
  with //TRANSLIT is still possible, and the //IGNORE specifier
  continues to be  supported. (CVE-2014-5119)

* Decoding a crafted input sequence in the character sets IBM933, IBM935,
  IBM937, IBM939, IBM1364 could result in an out-of-bounds array read,
  resulting a denial-of-service security vulnerability in applications which
  use functions related to iconv. (CVE-2014-6040)


This release was made possible by the contributions of many people.
The maintainers are grateful to everyone who has contributed
changes or bug reports.  These include:

Adam Conrad
Adhemerval Zanella
Alan Modra
Allan McRae
Andi Kleen
Andreas Krebbel
Andreas Schwab
Arjun Shankar
Aurelien Jarno
Bernard Ogden
Carlos O'Donell
Chris Metcalf
David Holsgrove
David S. Miller
David Svoboda
Dominik Vogt
Dylan Alex Simon
Eric Wong
Florian Weimer
Guo Yixuan
H.J. Lu
Ian Bolton
Igor Zamyatin
Jeff Layton
Jim Meyering
Joey Ye
Jose E. Marchesi
Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten
Joseph Myers
Julian Brown
Khem Raj
Konstantin Serebryany
Kyle McMartin
Ling Ma
Ludovic Courtès
Maciej W. Rozycki
Marcus Shawcroft
Mark Wielaard
Marko Myllynen
Meador Inge
Mike Frysinger
Ondřej Bílka
Paul Eggert
Paul Pluzhnikov
Peter TB Brett
Rajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan
Rasmus Villemoes
Richard Earnshaw
Richard Henderson
Roland McGrath
Sami Kerola
Samuel Thibault
Sean Anderson
Serge Hallyn
Siddhesh Poyarekar
Sihai Yao
Stefan Liebler
Steve Ellcey
Tomas Dohnalek
Torvald Riegel
Venkataramanan Kumar
Vidya Ranganathan
Wilco Dijkstra
Will Newton
Yang Yingliang
Yufeng Zhang
Yury Gribov
Yvan Roux
Version: GnuPG v2


Adam Conrad (2):
      Allow sys/auxv.h to be used from the testsuite on powerpc and sparc.
      Revert incorrect removal of the XDR currency from locale/iso-4217.def

Adhemerval Zanella (68):
      PowerPC: Update powerpc-fpu ULPs.
      PowerPC: Optimized isnan/isnanf for POWER8
      PowerPC: Optimized isinf/isinff for POWER8
      PowerPC: Optimized finite/finitef for POWER8
      PowerPC: llrint/llrintf POWER8 optimization
      PowerPC: llround/llroundf POWER8 optimization
      PowerPC: Update powerpc-fpu ULPs.
      PowerPC: Fix modf/modff optimization return sign
      PowerPC: strncat optimization for PPC64
      PowerPC: Fix bzero definition for static libc for PPC64
      PowerPC: Fix strspn for static build
      PowerPC: Fix bzero definition for static libc for PPC32
      Add truncl tests related to BZ#16414
      PowerPC: remove wrong ceill implementation for PowerPC64
      PowerPC: remove wrong nearbyintl implementation for PPC64
      PowerPC: remove wrong roundl implementation for PowerPC64
      Add stardard definition on conform processing
      PowerPC: optimized strcspn for PPC64/POWER7
      PowerPC: optimized strpbrk for POWER7
      PowerPC: Fix -Wundef warning for __PTHREAD_MUTEX_HAVE_ELISION.
      Update powerpc-fpu ULPs.
      PowerPC: Revert __PTHREAD_MUTEX_HAVE_ELISION change
      Fix localplt check for GNU_IFUNC
      PowerPC: Fix little endian enconding for mfvsrd
      PowerPC: Fix nearbyint/nearbyintf result for FE_DOWNWARD
      PowerPC: define _CALL_ELF if compiler does not
      PowerPC: Fix --disable-multi-arch builds
      Move __PTHREAD_SPINS definition to architecture specific header
      Define _STRING_ARCH_unaligned unconditionally
      PowerPC: Add fenv macros for long double
      PowerPC: Sync pthread_once with default implementation
      PowerPC: Suppress unnecessary FPSCR write
      More fixes for unsafe compiler optimization
      PowerPC: ifunc improvement for internal calls
      Fix elf/tst-tls9-static build
      PowerPC: clean BSD Terminal Modes expectation in termios.h
      PowerPC: Fix multiarch hypotf PPC64 path
      PowerPC: Fix copysignf optimization macro
      Update powerpc-fpu ULPs.
      PowerPC: Fix memchr ifunc hidden symbol for PPC32
      PowerPC: Remove unneeded copysign[f] macros
      PowerPC: Remove 64 bits instructions in PPC32 code
      PowerPC: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vfork
      PowerPC: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of clone
      PowerPC: Move powerpc64 timer_*.c out of nptl/
      PowerPC: Move NPTL ABI headers to sysdeps.
      PowerPC: Move remaining nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/powerpc/ files.
      Update powerpc-fpu ULPs.
      PowerPC: Fix optimized strncat strlen call
      Fix ChangeLog indentation.
      Update powerpc-fpu ULPs.
      Fix ChangeLog indentation.
      PowerPC: Move powerpc code out of nptl/ subdirectory
      PowerPC: sync hwcap.h capabilities
      Update powerpc-fpu ULPs.
      Update powerpc-fpu ULPs.
      PowerPC: Guard CALL_ELF check for ppc64 only in link.h
      PowerPC: memmove default implementation cleanup
      PowerPC: optimized memmove for POWER7/PPC64
      PowerPC: optimized memmove for POWER7/PPC32
      PowerPC: Align power7 memcpy using VSX to quadword
      PowerPC: Add ifunc tests for memmove
      PowerPC: Fix compiler warnings
      PowerPC: Cleanup powerpc memmove
      PowerPC: Fix build due missing lll_robust_trylock
      PowerPC: Fix gprof entry point for LE
      PowerPC: Fix termios definitions

Alan Modra (7):
      Fix s_copysign stack temp for PowerPC64 ELFv2
      Fix reference to toc symbol.
      Correct prefetch hint in power7 memrchr.
      Correct IBM long double nextafterl.
      Correct IBM long double frexpl.
      Update fixed bug list
      Correct DT_PPC64_NUM

Allan McRae (27):
      Open development for 2.20
      Fix qsort argument order in collation example
      Update Esperanto translations
      Fix variable used in sed expression in timezone/Makefile
      Update Swedish translations
      Mention CVE-2014-4043 in NEWS
      Add missing changelog entry for commit ab7ac0f2
      Add fixed bug to NEWS
      Update Spanish translations
      Regenerate libc.po
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Dutch translation
      Update Sweedish translation
      Update Bulgarian translation
      Update German translation
      Update Czech translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Russian translation
      Update French translation
      Update Ukrainian translation
      Update Vietnamese translation
      Update x86 ULPs
      Update Catalan translation
      Update Esperanto translation
      Update Korean translation
      Update contrib.texi
      Update version.h and include/features.h for 2.20 release

Andi Kleen (5):
      Fix dwarf2 unwinding through futex functions.
      Add a fast path for C rd/wrlock v2
      Add adaptive elision to rwlocks
      Remove x86 assembler rwlock code
      Add fallback file for elide.h

Andreas Krebbel (3):
      BZ #16447: Fix ldbl-128 expl implementation.
      NEWS: Add 16447 to fixed bugs list.
      NEWS: Add comment about changed ABI on s390 and s390x.

Andreas Schwab (45):
      Move m68k from ports to libc
      Whitespace fixes
      Fix memory leak in _nss_dns_gethostbyname4_r with big DNS answer
      Properly fix memory leak in _nss_dns_gethostbyname4_r with big DNS answer
      Add GLIBC_2.17 to librt in Version.def
      Fix race conditions in pldd that may leave the process stopped after detaching
      nscd: also invalidate netgroup cache on reload
      Account for alloca use when collecting interface addresses (bug 16002)
      Fix use of half-initialized result in getaddrinfo when using nscd (bug 16743)
      Setup LOCPATH for tst-ftell-active-handler and tst-ftell-partial-wide in libio
      Fix use of uninitialized variable
      ChangeLog cleanup
      Correctly handle %p in wprintf (BZ #16890)
      Fix implicit declaration
      Don't use catomic functions in mcount (BZ #16912)
      Fix parsing of getai result from nscd for IPv6-only request
      Fix unbound stack use in NIS NSS module
      Fix typo in assertion
      Fix macro warning on HAVE_PT_CHOWN
      Remove last use of USE___THREAD
      Fix searching localedef input on I18NPATH (BZ #16984)
      Remove second argument from TLS_INIT_TP macro
      Fix invalid file descriptor reuse while sending DNS query (BZ #15946)
      Install uz_UZ.UTF-8 locale (BZ #16095)
      ChangeLog fix
      m68k: avoid pointer to integer conversion warning
      m68k: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vfork
      m68k: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of clone
      Update feature guard for strdup/strndup in <bits/string2.h>
      Pass $TIMEOUTFACTOR to tests also in cross testing
      Fix typo in preprocessor conditional
      m68k: update libm test ULPs
      Don't read past end of pattern in fnmatch (BZ #17062)
      Fix memory leak in regexp compiler (BZ #17069)
      Fix another memory leak in regexp compiler (BZ #17069)
      Don't ignore too long lines in nss_files (BZ #17079)
      Remove unused label
      m68k: Add compat symbols for scalbln*
      Update i386 libm test ULPs
      Fix missing newline in test output
      m68k: update libm test ULPs
      ChangeLog fix
      m68k: use generic lowlevellock.h
      Fix -Wundef warning for HAVE_IFUNC
      Fix missing <math_private.h> in ldbl-96 fma

Arjun Shankar (1):
      Correctly report nscd child process status (BZ #17092)

Aurelien Jarno (5):
      SPARC: add EFD_SEMAPHORE in <bits/eventfd.h> (BZ #16916)
      ptsname_r: don't leak uninitialized memory (BZ #16917)
      SPARC: add prlimit and prlimit64 in <bits/resource.h> (BZ #16943)
      fix nl_langinfo with static linking (BZ #16915)
      Fix strtold on 32-bit sparc (and probably others) (BZ #16965)

Bernard Ogden (3):
      hppa: Remove lowlevellock.c.
      MIPS - Remove mips lowlevellock.h.
      Check value of futex before updating in __lll_timedlock

Carlos O'Donell (27):
      BZ #16613: Support TLS in audit libraries.
      BZ #16632: Change [_BSD/_SVID]_SOURCE warning.
      Add a new "Inter-Process Communication" chapter.
      Use @Theglibc{} in manual/ipc.texi.
      Promote do_lookup_x:check_match to a full function.
      Add header and standard information to threads.texi.
      Revert 4248f0da6ff9e7dd63464cdecec2dec332dfc2f0.
      hppa: Regenerate ULPs.
      hppa: Regenerate ULPs again.
      hppa: Remove fma ulps from libm-test-ulps.
      hppa: Add _STACK_GROWS_* cases to pthread_attr_[sg]etstack.
      Fix ChangeLog formatting.
      manual/ipc.texi: Fix AC-safety notes.
      nscd: Make SELinux checks dynamic.
      Support _r_debug for static binaries.
      manual: Sort overview listing by manual order.
      hppa: Use r25 as second input to __longjmp.
      hppa: Use lll_futex_wake.
      hppa: Update lowlevellock.h.
      Relocate hppa from ports to libc.
      Remove ports README and update machine ChangeLogs.
      Final update to ports ChangeLog.
      Fix -Wundef warning for FEATURE_INDEX_1.
      Remove nested function mi_arena from malloc_info.
      hppa: Add ABI baselines.
      hppa: Remove GLIBC_2.3 from librt.abilist.
      NEWS: Typo fix: s/wil /will /g

Chris Metcalf (7):
      Move tilegx, tilepro, and linux-generic from ports to libc.
      tile: Fix cut-and-paste bug in commit fcccd5128.
      math: make test-fenv-preserve.c a no-op if FE_ALL_EXCEPT == 0.
      crypt: don't include ufc-crypt.h multiple times
      tile: move sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/tile nptl files.
      tile: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vfork
      [BZ #17354] tile: Fix up corner cases with signed relocations

David Holsgrove (2):
      [MicroBlaze]: Move MicroBlaze from ports to sysdeps.
      MicroBlaze: Add missing sysdep-cancel.h implementation

David S. Miller (17):
      Fix tst-sscanf and tst-swscanf on 64-bit.
      Regenerate sparc ULPs.
      Fix sigaction conform test failures on sparc.
      Fix some sparc conform test failures in siginfo.h
      Fix some sparc -Wundef build warnings.
      Correct sparc CPP guards for EMT_TAGOVF.
      Add round-mode context support to sparc.
      Fix v9/64-bit strcmp when string ends in multiple zero bytes.
      NEWS: Add 16885 to fixed bug list.
      Fix some termios.h conformtest failures on sparc.
      Fix excessive ULP for y1_upward (0x2p+0) in test-float and test-ifloat.
      Update Sparc ULPS.
      Fixup ChangeLog and add missing NEWS entry for previous commits.
      Consolidate sparc clone, fork, and vfork implementations.
      Update Sparc ULPs.
      Update sparc ULPS.
      Get rid of sparc specific NPTL internaltypes.h header.

David Svoboda (1):
      manual: clarify buffer behavior in getline [BZ #5666]

Dominik Vogt (1):
      S/390: Port of lock elision to System/z

Dylan Alex Simon (1):
      Update x86_64 libm-test-ulps on AMD family 21h model 1 (bug 16545).

Eric Wong (1):
      Avoid stat/fstat in statvfs/fstatvfs (BZ #15132)

Florian Weimer (12):
      misc/sys/select.h (__FD_MASK): Avoid signed integer overflow.
      Check for syscall error in the SETXID implementation in NPTL (bug 13347).
      Update NEWS for fixed bug 13347
      posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen needs to copy the path argument (BZ 17048)
      Fix tautological comparison in non-executed part of tst-setuid2 (BZ #17058)
      setlocale: Use the heap for the copy of the locale argument
      _nl_find_locale: Improve handling of crafted locale names [BZ #17137]
      manual: Update the locale documentation
      nptl: Fix abort in case of set*id failure [BZ #17135]
      __gconv_translit_find: Disable function [BZ #17187]
      Fix typo in CVE ID
      CVE-2014-6040: Crashes on invalid input in IBM gconv modules [BZ #17325]

Guo Yixuan (2):
      Fixed pthread_spin_lock on sparc32/64 (bug 16882)
      New test for pthread_spin_lock (bug 16882)

H.J. Lu (8):
      Check AVX-512 assembler support first
      Replace __int128 with __int128_t in bits/link.h
      Use 3 bytes for __pad1 in pthread_rwlock_t for x32
      Remove sysdeps/x86_64/multiarch/rtld-strlen.S
      Add ifunc tests for x86_64 memset_chk and memset
      Enable AVX2 optimized memset only if -mavx2 works
      Replace cpuid asm statement with __cpuid_count
      Mention fixes for BZs 16194 and 16275 in NEWS

Ian Bolton (4):
      [AArch64] Provide initial implementation of math_private.h.
      [AArch64] Define HAVE_RM_CTX and related hooks.
      Add fenv test support for AArch64.
      [AArch64] Suppress unnecessary FPSR and FPCR writes.

Igor Zamyatin (3):
      Save and restore AVX-512 zmm registers to x86-64 ld.so
      Save/restore bound registers in _dl_runtime_resolve
      Save/restore bound registers for _dl_runtime_profile

Jeff Layton (1):
      fcntl-linux.h: add new definitions and manual updates for open file description locks

Jim Meyering (1):
      regex: don't deref NULL upon heap allocation failure

Joey Ye (1):
      Fix ARM NAN fraction bits.

Jose E. Marchesi (1):
      Fix sparc memcpy data corruption when using niagara2 optimized routines.

Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten (1):
      Fix typo in comment in res_query.c

Joseph Myers (158):
      Remove am33 port.
      Move shared sysdeps files from alpha to arm.
      Move arm from ports to libc.
      Fix whitespace in ARM files to allow move.
      Remove mips dependency on alpha.
      Move shared umount.c from hppa to mips.
      Move mips from ports to libc.
      Fix whitespace in MIPS files to allow move.
      Merge MIPS dl-lookup.c into generic file.
      Regenerate x86_64 ulps.
      Remove _BSD_SOURCE and _SVID_SOURCE.
      soft-fp: support after-rounding tininess detection.
      Make ABI tests generate .out files.
      Stop io/ftwtest deleting its own output.
      Remove indirection in stdio-common tests dependencies.
      Remove reference to subdir_lint.out.
      Combine __USE_BSD and __USE_SVID into __USE_MISC.
      Update MIPS math-tests.h for GCC 4.9 using soft-fp.
      Clean up trivially redundant __USE_MISC conditionals.
      Split up rules for tests that compare output with baselines.
      Split up rules for tests using mtrace and something else.
      Fix gen-auto-libm-tests sticky bit setting for negative results.
      Move tests of fma from libm-test.inc to auto-libm-test-in.
      Move tests of clog10 from libm-test.inc to auto-libm-test-in.
      Update ARM HWCAP data.
      Fix __ASSUME_ACCEPT4 issues (bug 16609).
      Fix __ASSUME_RECVMMSG issues (bug 16610).
      Fix __ASSUME_SENDMMSG issues (bug 16611).
      Complete _BSD_SOURCE / _SVID_source followup cleanup.
      Generate .test-result files for tests with special rules.
      Consistently include Makeconfig after defining subdir.
      Support expected failures in .test-result files.
      Fix libm-test.inc:print_complex_max_error handling of some error cases.
      Don't include individual test ulps in libm-test-ulps.
      Automatically check sanity of ulps from libm tests.
      Adjust how gen-auto-libm-tests handles before-rounding/after-rounding cases.
      Don't define __ASSUME_UTIMES for linux-generic architectures.
      Prepare libm-test.inc structures for multi-rounding-mode testing.
      Remove INSTALL_INFO setting in manual/Makefile.
      conformtest: correct set of standards for which some headers are tested.
      conformtest: correct set of standards for which more headers are tested.
      Enumerate tests with special rules in tests-special variable.
      conformtest: clean up POSIX expectations for semaphore.h, signal.h, tar.h.
      conformtest: split up running of tests from makefile.
      Generate overall summary of test results.
      Make tests consistently use *.out output files.
      Count miscellaneous files built on host for testing as tests.
      Include all of <time.h> from <sched.h> for older standards (bug 16670).
      Fix POSIX namespace for <bits/siginfo.h> (bug 16674).
      Add libm-test.inc macro for all-rounding-modes testing.
      Fix nextafter overflow in non-default rounding modes (bug 16677).
      Fix MIPS libc_feresetround*_ctx to preserve exceptions.
      Fix __ASSUME_PSELECT for MicroBlaze (bug 16642).
      Regenerate INSTALL.
      Do not terminate default test runs on test failure.
      Add libm-test support for per-rounding-mode manually specified results.
      Test rint and nearbyint with same inputs, in all rounding modes.
      Exit with error status on check-abi failure.
      Test scalbn and scalbln in all rounding modes, add more tests of negative arguments.
      Fix __ASSUME_PREADV and __ASSUME_PWRITEV for Alpha and MicroBlaze (bug 16649).
      Use ALL_RM_TEST for more libm tests.
      Make libm-test support ALL_RM_TEST with AUTO_TESTS_*.
      Test most libm functions in all rounding modes.
      Fix log (1) in round-downward mode (bug 16731).
      Fix -Wundef warnings for _ABI* on MIPS.
      Fix dbl-64 exp overflow/underflow in non-default rounding modes (bug 16284).
      Fix implicit __isinf declarations in exp.
      Relax gen-auto-libm-tests may-underflow rules, test log1p in all rounding modes.
      Add empty GLIBC_2.2.5 version to elf/Versions.
      Make x86_64 fegetenv preserve exception mask (bug 16198).
      Fix x86/x86_64 expl/exp10l spurious underflows (bug 16348).
      Fix clog10 (-0 +/- 0i) (bug 16362).
      Fix scalb spurious "invalid" exceptions (bug 16770).
      Fix futimesat for older MicroBlaze kernels (bug 16648).
      Correct robust mutex / PI futex kernel assumptions (bug 9894).
      Set errno for atan2 underflow (bug 16349).
      Set errno for scalb errors (bug 6803, bug 6804).
      Fix clog / clog10 sign of zero result in round-downward mode (bug 16789).
      Fix catan, catanh, __ieee754_logf in round-downward mode (bug 16799, bug 16800).
      conformtest: clean up POSIX expectations for stdlib.h, string.h.
      Increase minimum Linux kernel version to 2.6.32.
      Include SSE state in i386 fenv_t (bug 16064).
      Clean up kernel version conditionals for pre-2.6.32 kernels.
      Clean up ARM old-ABI symbol versioning relics.
      Reduce kernel-features.h duplication.
      Fix erf underflow handling near 0 (bug 16516).
      Fix acosh (1) in round-downward mode (bug 16927).
      Fix cacos (+Inf + finite*i) in round-downward mode (bug 16928).
      Fix log1pl (LDBL_MAX) in FE_UPWARD mode (bug 16564).
      Use existing makefile variables for dependencies on glibc libraries.
      Fix ARM build with GCC trunk.
      Consistently use $(elf-objpfx).
      Don't mention linuxthreads in Depend files.
      Fix log10 (1) in round-downward mode (bug 16977).
      Define TSVTX in tar.h for older POSIX (bug 16978).
      Include LOCPATH in default test environment.
      Don't require test wrappers to preserve environment variables, use more consistent environment.
      Remove redundant C locale settings.
      conformtest: clean up POSIX expectations for termios.h, time.h.
      Remove special makefile rules / .sh files for some localedata tests.
      Fix log2 (1) in round-downward mode (bug 17042).
      conformtest: clean up POSIX expectations for sys/mman.h, sys/stat.h, sys/types.h.
      Add CFI to x86 ceil / floor / trunc (bug 16681).
      Use $(rtld-prefix) more consistently.
      Fix __ieee754_logl (-LDBL_MAX) in FE_DOWNWARD mode (bug 17022).
      Remove __ASSUME_ATFCTS conditionals in sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/.
      Remove __ASSUME_AT_RANDOM.
      Remove __ASSUME_F_GETOWN_EX.
      Remove __ASSUME_SOCK_CLOEXEC / SOCK_CLOEXEC conditionals in Linux-specific code.
      Include <kernel-features.h> explicitly where required.
      Remove ARM __ASSUME_SIGFRAME_V2.
      Update headers for Linux 3.15.
      Fix pow overflow in non-default rounding modes (bug 16315).
      Test cpow in all rounding modes.
      Set errno for y1 overflow (bug 17050).
      Fix cosh spurious underflows from expm1 (bug 16354), inaccurate results near 0 (bug 17061).
      Move architecture cases out of sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/configure.ac.
      Fix ldbl-128 erfl spurious underflows (bug 16287).
      Fix x86/x86_64 expm1l spurious underflow exceptions (bug 16539).
      Fix exp10 spurious underflows (bug 16560).
      Remove __ASSUME_UTIMENSAT.
      Update README and NEWS for ports directory removal.
      Update timezone code from tzcode 2014e.
      Move base_machine and machine settings from configure.ac to sysdeps preconfigure fragments.
      Remove BROKEN_PPC_ASM_CR0 configure test.
      Remove stray includes of kernel-features.h.
      Move USE_REGPARMS define to sysdeps/i386/configure.ac.
      Remove __ASSUME_O_CLOEXEC / O_CLOEXEC conditionals in sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/.
      Remove configure tests for assembler CFI support.
      Remove powerpc special cases in configure.ac.
      Update miscellaneous files from upstream sources.
      Update scripts/list-sources.sh for ports repository merge.
      Fix MIPS64 *_nocancel gp setup.
      Fix yn overflow handling in non-default rounding modes (bug 16561, bug 16562).
      Remove relro configure test.
      Remove shlib-versions ABI names support.
      Fix ldbl-128 powl sign of result in overflow / underflow cases (bug 17097).
      Rename soft-fp extended.h, op-common.h variables to avoid risk of shadowing.
      Rename soft-fp op-[1248].h variables to avoid risk of shadowing.
      Fix ldbl-128 expm1l spurious underflow (bug 16539).
      Regenerate ARM libm-test-ulps.
      Regenerate powerpc-nofpu libm-test-ulps.
      Regenerate MIPS libm-test-ulps.
      MicroBlaze: Update kernel-features.h for syscalls added in 3.15
      Move architecture shlib-versions files to Linux-specific directories.
      Refactor handling of /lib64 etc. cases, move out of sysdeps/gnu/configure.ac.
      Split x86_64 out of main Linux kernel-features.h.
      Split i386 out of main Linux kernel-features.h.
      Split sparc out of main Linux kernel-features.h.
      Split powerpc out of main Linux kernel-features.h.
      Split sh out of main Linux kernel-features.h.
      Split s390 out of main Linux kernel-features.h.
      Fix fallback fesetenv and feupdateenv on FE_NOMASK_ENV (bug 17088).
      Fix powerpc-nofpu __fe_enabled_env and __fe_nonieee_env (bug 17261).
      Fix powerpc32 __get_clockfreq for non-power4 (bug 17263).

Julian Brown (1):
      ARM: Fix R_ARM_IRELATIVE RELA relocations.

Khem Raj (1):
      Define __GI_fegetenv for e500 libm

Konstantin Serebryany (2):
      Remove nested functions: crypt/md5-crypt.c
      Remove redundant nested function b64_from_24bit

Kyle McMartin (1):
      [AARCH64] correct alignment of TLS_TCB_ALIGN (BZ #16796)

Ling Ma (2):
      Add x86_64 memset optimized for AVX2
      Improve 64bit memcpy performance for Haswell CPU with AVX instruction

Ludovic Courtès (1):
      nscd: Remove unused typedef and variable.

Maciej W. Rozycki (8):
      ARM: soft-fp NaN representation correction
      [BZ #17075] ARM: Fix immediate calculation of R_ARM_TLS_DESC
      stdlib/tst-qsort2.c: Fix off-by-one argc interpretation error
      [BZ #16046] dl_iterate_phdr static executable test
      sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/bits/socket.h: Correct formatting
      test-skeleton: Kill any child process's offspring
      stdlib/tst-strtod-overflow: Bump timeout up yet
      [BZ #17078] ARM: R_ARM_TLS_DESC prelinker support

Marcus Shawcroft (7):
      Relocate AArch64 from ports to libc.
      [AArch64] Optional trapping exceptions support.
      [AArch64] Regenerate libm-test-ulps.
      Revert "ARM: Improve fenv implementation"
      [AArch64] Regenerate libm-test-ulps
      Revert "Add bug 16918 to NEWS."
      Revert "aarch64: Add hp-timing.h"

Mark Wielaard (1):
      i386 TLS_INIT_TP might produce bogus asm changing stack pointer [BZ #17319]

Marko Myllynen (1):
      Replace __int128 with __int128_t

Meador Inge (1):
      get_nprocs: Only return explictly set cache values (BZ #16996)

Mike Frysinger (23):
      linux_fsinfo.h: sync with current linux/magic.h
      tzselect: stop requiring ksh
      linux: bits/in.h: sync with latest kernel headers
      linux: bits/in.h: sync with latest kernel headers
      tst-longjmp_chk: add comments and convert to test-skeleton
      tests: unify fortification handler logic
      tst-longjmp_chk3: new test for checking sigaltstack edge cases
      tst-backtrace4: expand output even on failures
      manual: setjmp: fix typos/grammar
      sem_open: allow RAMFS_MAGIC for mount points
      shm_open: sync with logic in sem_open
      ia64: relocate out of ports/ subdir
      tst-longjmp_chk2: add comments/sanity check
      manual: time: fix typo in IST example
      sotruss: drop ksh support and add basic POSIX shell support
      delete ksh checks
      stop supporting bash-1.x
      tst-setcontext: fix style
      add ChangeLog for previous commit
      ia64: define nocancel entry points in PSEUDO
      add ChangeLog for previous commit
      tst-gettext2: make setup more robust
      detect broken linker handling of __ehdr_start

Ondřej Bílka (20):
      Remove THREAD_STATS.
      Deduplicate setenv.
      Fix previous commit.
      Use glibc_likely instead __builtin_expect.
      Remove unused variable from stdlib/setenv.c
      Deduplicate resolv/nss_dns/dns-host.c
      Simplify calloc implementation.
      Fix two spaces after sentence.
      Make strtok benchmark competive.
      Add changelog.
      Fix recvmmsg comment.
      Fix types of stream hook functions in manual.
      Fix typo in nptl/sockperf.c
      Fix typo in nscd/selinux.c
      fix changelog.
      Remove duplicate code in elf/dl-deps.c.
      revert commit fdfd175d46ac6a810ebdeb2a2936e6d7d13995ab
      Remove mi_arena nested function.
      Fix typo in manual.
      Fix memory overrun in getifaddrs_internal. Fixes bug 15698.

Paul Eggert (2):
      Sync up mktime with gnulib
      misc/sys/cdefs.h: Add _Noreturn macro for pre-C11 compilers

Paul Pluzhnikov (8):
      2014-03-12  Paul Pluzhnikov  <ppluzhnikov@google.com>
      Add missing elf/tst-pie2.c -- should have been in
      Fix BZ #16634.
      Address post-commit patch comments.
      2014-03-26  Paul Pluzhnikov  <ppluzhnikov@google.com>
      2014-03-27  Paul Pluzhnikov  <ppluzhnikov@google.com>
      2014-04-11  Paul Pluzhnikov  <ppluzhnikov@google.com>
      Fix typo on ChangeLog.

Peter TB Brett (1):
      Use statvfs64() for pathconf(_PC_NAME_MAX).

Rajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan (3):
      print length in strrchr benchtest
      PowerPC: strrchr optimization for POWER7/PPC64
      PowerPC: Fix nearbyintl failure for few inputs

Rasmus Villemoes (1):
      manual: Update prototypes for alphasort and friends

Richard Earnshaw (1):
      [AArch64] Add optimized strchr.

Richard Henderson (55):
      Relocate alpha from ports to libc
      alpha: Regenerate sysdeps/alpha/libm-test-ulps
      alpha: Fix __pointer_chk_guard definition for the testsuite
      alpha: Enable unwind tables for backtrace.c
      alpha: Remove alpha-linux pthread_once.c
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/roland/nptl-alpha'
      alpha: Create __syscall_nocancel entry points
      alpha: Define ELF_MACHINE_NO_RELA
      alpha: Remove bits/siginfo.h (BZ 16966)
      alpha: fix sa_flags type (BZ 16967)
      aarch64: Merge rtld_errno offset with memory reference
      aarch64: Merge __local_multiple_threads offset with memory reference
      alpha: Remove nptl/fork.c
      alpha: Merge standard and nptl clone.S
      alpha: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vfork
      alpha: Move remaining files out of sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/alpha/nptl/
      Only support ifunc in nptl/pt-vfork.c
      Only provide non-default symbols in libpthread for vfork
      alpha: Do non-default symbols in pt-vfork.S
      aarch64: Fix DO_CALL block comment
      aarch64: Remove DOARGS/UNDOARGS macros
      aarch64: Tidy syscall error check
      arm,aarch64: Remove SINGLE_THREAD_P_PIC
      aarch64: Tabify sysdep-cancel.h
      aarch64: Share code in syscall-cancel.h
      aarch64: Pass regno parameter to SINGLE_THREAD_P
      aarch64: Improve syscall-cancel stack frame
      aarch64: Use tpidr_el0 rather than __read_tp in librt
      aarch64: Use tpidr_el0 rather than __errno_location in librt
      aarch64: Rely on syscalls preserving registers
      aarch64: Fix error return from __ioctl
      aarch64: Remove PSEUDO_RET
      aarch64: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of clone
      aarch64: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vfork
      aarch64: Remove nptl/vfork.S
      alpha: Update libm-test-ulps
      alpha: Fix isnan
      powerpc: Remove dummy hp-timing.h
      Removing HP_TIMING_ZERO as unused
      Removing HP_TIMING_ACCUM as unused
      Remove HP_TIMING_DIFF_INIT and dl_hp_timing_overhead
      Unify hp-timing implementations
      aarch64: Add hp-timing.h
      Always provide HP_SMALL_TIMING_AVAIL
      Changelog for last 8 patches
      alpha: Remove round and roundf implementations
      alpha: Fix lround implementations
      alpha: Implement math_opt_barrier and math_force_eval
      alpha: Remove nearbyint and nearbyintf implementations
      aarch64: Update libm-test-ulps
      Force eval for fma implementations
      alpha: Remove linux lowlevellock.h
      alpha: Remove linux lowlevellock.h
      alpha: Fix exception raising from soft-fp

Roland McGrath (150):
      Avoid comma operator warnings.
      Remove unused %include lines from Versions files.
      Remove obsolete SHLIB_COMPAT conditionalization in Versions files.
      Add missing } in Versions file.
      Fix fallout from Joseph's untested Makeconfig change.
      Retire the separate ChangeLog files in nptl/ and nptl_db/ subdirs.
      ARM: Fix up setjmp/longjmp changes sfi_* macro use.
      ChangeLog format fix.
      Use __ehdr_start, when available, for rtld to get its own headers.
      Fix two stray cases using #ifdef vs #if for TLS_TCB_AT_TP.
      Compile with -Wundef.
      Get rid of Versions.def source file
      Remove "Compiled on ..." crapola from version text.
      Work around binutils bugs in 2.23 and older
      Move bits/mman-linux.h out of sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/.
      Add comments about non-Linux use of bits/mman-linux.h.
      Kludge fix for Versions.def regression
      Factor mmap/munmap of PT_LOAD segments out of _dl_map_object_from_fd et al.
      Add deprecation header text to remaining ports/ChangeLog* files.
      Move ports/ChangeLog* files to ChangeLog.old-ports*, remove ports/ directory.
      Deconditionalize use of LLL_LOCK_INITIALIZER in bits/libc-lock.h.
      Fix -Wundef warnings for _IO_JUMPS_OFFSET.
      Fix -Wundef issues in generated errlist.c.
      Move rules for Linux-specific pldd program to Linux-specific Makefile.
      Move ARM internal unwind.h header to the right sysdeps directory.
      Fix -Wundef for _UTSNAME_DOMAIN_LENGTH.
      Some configure-related decrufting.
      Silence a missing-noreturn warning for _Unwind_Resume.
      Make armv7 strcmp assembly compatible with ARM mode and SFI.
      Clean up __exit_thread.
      Consolidate NPTL vs non clone.S for ARM.
      Consolidate NPTL configury for ARM/Linux.
      Verbatim NPTL file moves for ARM/Linux.
      Move NPTL public ABI headers for ARM to sysdeps/arm/nptl/.
      ARM: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vfork
      x86: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vfork
      Move NPTL public ABI headers for x86 to sysdeps/x86/nptl/.
      x86: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of clone
      Move x86_64 timer_*.c out of nptl/
      Move x86_64 compat-timer.h out of nptl/
      x86_64: Remove useless pthread_spin_{init,unlock} wrapper files.
      Update s390 timer_*.c files for x86_64 file moves.
      Consolidate not-cancel.h files.
      x86: Consolidate NPTL fork.
      Move remaining nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/ files.
      i386: Remove useless pthread_spin_{init,unlock} wrapper files.
      Update alpha and ia64 timer_*.c files for x86_64 file moves.
      Fix powerpc fork after i386 reorganization.
      Move remaining nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/i386/ files.
      Fix mips fork after i386 reorganization.
      Move remaining files out of nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86/.
      x86: Move abilist files out of nptl/ subdirectories.
      Split arch-fork.h from fork.h
      Add stub arch-fork.h header.
      ARM: Convert fork.c to arch-fork.h
      Alpha: Convert fork.c to arch-fork.h
      Fix __waitpid_nocancel link error.
      AArch64: Convert fork.c to arch-fork.h
      SH: Convert fork.c to arch-fork.h
      IA64: Convert fork.c to arch-fork.h
      tile: Convert fork.c to arch-fork.h
      SH: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of clone
      m68k: Convert fork.c to arch-fork.h
      SH: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vfork
      Move NPTL public ABI headers for SH to sysdeps/sh/nptl/.
      Start cleaning up TLS initial value for pthread_create.
      m68k: Define TLS_DEFINE_INIT_TP
      AArch64: Define TLS_DEFINE_INIT_TP
      PowerPC: Define TLS_DEFINE_INIT_TP
      Alpha: Define TLS_DEFINE_INIT_TP
      S390: Define TLS_DEFINE_INIT_TP
      Tile: Define TLS_DEFINE_INIT_TP
      Move x86_64 code out of nptl/ subdirectory.
      Move SH code out of nptl/ subdirectory.
      Move i386 code out of nptl/ subdirectory.
      Consolidate NPTL sigprocmask.
      Get rid of nptl/sysdeps/pthread/ subdirectory
      Use list.h in posix-timer code.
      SPARC: Convert fork.c to arch-fork.h
      Move SPARC code out of nptl/sysdeps/sparc/.
      Move SPARC public headers out of nptl/
      S390: Convert fork.c to arch-fork.h
      Move S390 code out of nptl/sysdeps/s390/.
      S390: Move NPTL public headers to sysdeps/s390/nptl/.
      Move remaining SPARC code out of nptl/.
      Missing new file from last commit.
      Move linux bits/ files out of nptl/.
      Clean up stack-coloring macros.
      Clean up HAVE_CONFIG_H and STDC_HEADERS.
      Remove unused file rtld-lowlevel.h.
      Move generic smp.h to nptl/
      SH: Consolidate nptl/ subdirectories under linux/.....
      m68k: Consolidate nptl/ subdirectories under linux/...
      MIPS: Move NPTL public headers to sysdeps/mips/nptl/.
      powerpc: Consolidate nptl/ subdirectories under linux/....
      Remove an unused variable in fstatvfs.
      Add missing #include in get-rounding-mode.h
      x86: Consolidate unnecessary nptl/ subdirectories.
      SPARC: Consolidate nptl/ subdirectories under linux/...
      SPARC: Consolidate unnecessary nptl/ subdirectories.
      MIPS: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of clone
      AArch64: Consolidate nptl/ subdirectories under linux/...
      S390: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of clone
      S390: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vfork
      Move remaining S390 code out of nptl/.
      S390: Consolidate nptl/ subdirectories under linux/...
      Add missing #include in spawn_faction_addopen.c
      Add missing #include <fpu_control.h> to ARM fesetenv/feupdateenv.
      ARM: Move more aeabi routine magic out of Linux-specific directories
      MIPS: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vfork
      MIPS: Consolidate nptl/ subdirectories under linux/...
      ARM: Split Linuxism out of sysdeps/arm/nptl/tls.h
      MicroBlaze: Convert fork.c to arch-fork.h
      MicroBlaze: Define TLS_DEFINE_INIT_TP
      MicroBlaze: Move NPTL public headers to sysdeps/microblaze/nptl/.
      MicroBlaze: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vfork
      MicroBlaze: Consolidate nptl/ subdirectories under linux/...
      Add missing #include for MIN/MAX users.
      Add missing #include for MIN use in dl-sysdep.c.
      S390: Quash unused variable warning due to no-op THREAD_SET_POINTER_GUARD.
      Robustify Linux kernel headers configure checks
      Add missing #include in sysdeps/alpha/fpu/s_nearbyint.c
      Fix unwind.h configure check for bare environment.
      Fix ia64 build error in lll_futex_timed_wait_bitset
      Get rid of nptl/sysdeps/ entirely!
      NPTL is no longer an add-on!
      Remove old stub lowlevellock.h file.  It is not even useful as documentation.
      Get rid of lll_robust_trylock.
      Get rid of lll_robust_dead.
      ChangeLog fixup for last commit.
      Remove declarations of two nonexistent variables from nptl/pthreadP.h.
      Separate Linuxisms from lowlevellock.h, make a generic one
      Add generic/stub implementations of pthread_{kill,sigmask,sigqueue}.
      ARM: Clean up EABI-related configury
      Split nptl-signals.h out from pthreadP.h
      Use __builtin_trap for ABORT_INSTRUCTION.
      Add __safe_fatal and use it in __pthread_unwind forwarder fallback.
      ARM: Move PTR_MANGLE et al out of Linux-specific file.
      Remove sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/arm/lowlevellock.h
      IA64: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of clone
      IA64: Consolidate NPTL/non versions of vfork
      IA64: Define TLS_DEFINE_INIT_TP
      IA64: Move NPTL public headers to sysdeps/ia64/nptl/.
      IA64: Consolidate nptl/ subdirectories under linux/...
      NEWS: Mention x86-64 ld.so use of Intel MPX instructions.

Sami Kerola (1):
      tzselect: use zonedir instead of current working directory

Samuel Thibault (5):
      hurd: Do not allow unmapping address 0
      hurd: Move dtv, dtv_t, tcbhead_t declaration to per-arch file.
      hurd: Add i386 fields to TLS structure
      Simplify atomicity of socket creation in bind.
      Fix hang on fork

Sean Anderson (1):
      malloc: fix comment typo

Serge Hallyn (1):
      misc/sys/xattr.h: guard against linux uapi header inclusion

Siddhesh Poyarekar (85):
      Minor formatting fix
      Fix sign of input to bsloww1 (BZ #16623)
      Fix ChangeLog formatting
      Fix missing ChangeLog
      nscd: Improved support for tracking startup failure in nscd service (BZ #16639)
      Separate ftell from fseek logic and avoid modifying FILE data (#16532)
      Use cached offset in ftell when reliable
      Fix up formatting
      Fix up formatting in tst-ftell-active-handler.c
      Mark nscd service as forking in systemd service file (BZ #16639)
      Provide correct buffer length to netgroup queries in nscd (BZ #16695)
      Get rid of __LT_SPINLOCK_INIT
      Fix up return codes for tests in tst-ftell-active-handler
      Fix offset caching for streams and use it for ftell (BZ #16680)
      Change offset in fdopen only if setting O_APPEND
      Fix -Wundef warnins for __FP_FAST_FMA*
      Implement benchmarking script in python
      ChangeLog formatting fix
      benchtests: Move bench.py to benchtests/scripts/
      Fix nscd lookup for innetgr when netgroup has wildcards (BZ #16758)
      Avoid overlapping addresses to stpcpy calls in nscd (BZ #16760)
      Return NULL for wildcard values in getnetgrent from nscd (BZ #16759)
      [benchtests] Use inputs file for modf
      Make bench.out in json format
      Detailed benchmark outputs for functions
      benchtests: Link against objects in build directory
      Include atomic.h in sem_wait.c and sem_trywait.c
      Use test-skeleton.c in tst-sem3 and tst-sem4
      Do not fail if one of the two responses to AF_UNSPEC fails (BZ #14308)
      Consolidate code to initialize nscd dataset header
      Initialize all of datahead structure in nscd (BZ #16791)
      Return EAI_AGAIN for AF_UNSPEC when herrno is TRY_AGAIN (BZ #16849)
      Fix formatting
      Fix date in ChangeLog
      Use NSS_STATUS_TRYAGAIN to indicate insufficient buffer (BZ #16878)
      benchtests: Add new directive for benchmark initialization hook
      Fix offset computation for append+ mode on switching from read (BZ #16724)
      Add mmap usage in malloc_info output
      Fix formatting in malloc_info
      Fix format specifier for n_mmaps
      Inline nested function check_list
      Validate bench.out against a JSON schema
      Remove unnecessary $(.)
      Fix ChangeLog and NEWS goof-up
      Print offending diff when check-abi fails
      Fix build warning in pthread_rwlock_*
      Fix namespace violation in pthreadtypes.h (BZ #17084)
      Add compat symbols for scalb* in i386
      Fix Wundef warning for SEPARATE_KEY
      Fix Wundef warning for ELF_MACHINE_NO_RELA
      Fix Wundef warning for WIDE_CHAR_VERSION
      Remove inline keyword from leapyear function
      Remove unnecessary include in memmove_chk
      Correctly attribute the mktime.c change to Paul Eggert
      Fix Wundef warning for MEMCPY_OK_FOR_FWD_MEMMOVE
      Remove MULTI_PTRS_ARE_ALIASES in dns-hosts.c
      Add comment to gethnamaddr.c to warn that the file is unmaintained
      Fix typo in macro name
      Fix typo and formatting in loadmsgcat.c
      Fix -Wundef warning on PAGE_COPY_THRESHOLD
      Don't use __glibc_unlikely in shared code
      Fix Wundef warning for __STDC_VERSION__
      Sync up loadmsgcat.c with gettext
      Restore subdir conditional for tst-timer dependency.
      Add comment for MEMCPY_OK_FOR_FWD_MEMMOVE
      Fix Wundef warning with SHOJI_IS_RIGHT
      Fix Wundef warning for ELF_MACHINE_NO_REL on i386
      Check value at resplen2 if it is not NULL
      Fix Wundef warning for __cplusplus
      Fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning in xdr.c
      Add comment about SIZE initialization in xdr.c
      Fix crash when system has no ipv6 address [BZ #17125]
      Fix -Wundef warning for HAVE_OBSTACK
      Fix -Wundef warning for HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H
      Fix Wundef warning for HAVE_STRFTIME
      Fix -Wundef warning for HAVE_LOCALTIME_R
      Sync up error.c with gnulib
      Fix -Wundef warnings in fnmatch.c
      Check if DEBUG is defined in regex_internal.c
      Fix -Wundef warnings in regex_internal.h
      Disable x87 inline functions for x86_64 and SSE [BZ #17262]
      Fix comment error that Jakub pointed out but I forgot to fix
      Remove unnecessary uses of NOT_IN_libc
      Remove redundant CPPFLAGS for some programs
      Remove NOT_IN_libc definition for pthread_atfork

Sihai Yao (1):
      Detect if AVX2 is usable

Stefan Liebler (24):
      S/390: Regenerate ULPs.
      S390: Fix -Wundef warning for __PTHREAD_MUTEX_HAVE_ELISION.
      Use += before-compile instead of a :=.
      S390: Correct type of sa_flags in struct sigaction for POSIX conformance
      S390: Define SIZE_MAX as unsigned long (BZ #16712).
      S390: Fix namespace violation in struct stat (BZ #16714).
      NEWS: Add 16712, 16713, 16714 to fixed bug list.
      S/390: Unify 31 and 64 bit configure.ac
      [BZ #16824] Fix failing y1 due to too large ulps in downward/upward rounding mode.
      [BZ #14770] S/390: Require Binutils >= 2.24 for target S/390.
      S/390: Regenerate ULPs
      [BZ #16823] Fix log1pl returning wrong infinity sign
      Mention BZ16823 in NEWS
      Fix typo in tst-mutex5 ifndef -> ifdef
      Disable lock elision for PTHREAD_MUTEX_NORMAL.
      S/390: Regenerate ULPs.
      posix_spawn_faction_addopen: Add missing string.h include directive
      Fix pthread.h in installed-headers list.
      Generate en_GB.UTF-8 during testing
      [BZ #6803] Set errno for scalbln, scalbn
      S/390: Regenerate ULPs
      S/390: Revert the jmp_buf/ucontext_t ABI change.
      S390: Fix remaining ONE_DIRECTION warning messages
      NEWS: Explain the s390 jmp_buf / ucontext_t ABI change reversal.

Steve Ellcey (7):
      Add macros and inline functions to mips math_private.h file.
      2014-04-29  Steve Ellcey  <sellcey@mips.com>
      2014-05-01  Steve Ellcey  <sellcey@mips.com>
      2014-05-01  Steve Ellcey  <sellcey@mips.com>
      2014-05-01  Steve Ellcey  <sellcey@mips.com>
      2014-05-07  Steve Ellcey  <sellcey@mips.com>
      Add 16922 to list of bugs fixed.

Tomas Dohnalek (1):
      Generate .test-result files for ordinary tests.

Torvald Riegel (2):
      benchtests: Add pthread_once common-case test.
      Fixed and unified pthread_once.

Venkataramanan Kumar (1):
      aarch64: Add setjmp and longjmp SystemTap probes

Vidya Ranganathan (4):
      PowerPC: strspn optimization for PPC64/POWER7
      PowerPC: strncpy/stpncpy optimization for PPC64/POWER7
      PowerPC: Optimized strcmp for PPC64/POWER7
      PowerPC: strcat optimization for PPC64/POWER7

Wilco (18):
      Add fenv test support for targets which don't have FP traps.
      ARM: Improve fenv implementation
      ARM: Improve fenv implementation
      [AArch64] Rewrite feupdateenv (BZ 17009).
      [AArch64] Remove ISB after FPCR write.
      [AArch64] Cleanup declarations in math_private.h.
      [AArch64] Switch from FE_TOWARDZERO to _FPU_FPCR_RM_MASK
      Add FE_NOMASK_ENV return value test.
      Use libc calls defined by fenv_private.h to implement several fenv functions
      Speed up the ARM fenv implementation by avoiding unnecessary FPSCR
      Rewrite feupdateenv
      Add bug 16918 to NEWS.
      Cleanup fenv implementation
      Remove an unused include.
      Add _FPU_MASK_RM and use it instead of FE_TOWARDZERO.
      Optimize fesetenv
      Add bug 16918 to NEWS.
      Fix performance issue in misaligned strcpy.

Wilco Dijkstra (3):
      [ARM] Add support for fenv_private on ARM.
      Add generic HAVE_RM_CTX implementation
      This patch adds new function libc_feholdsetround_noex_aarch64_ctx, enabling

Will Newton (49):
      malloc/mtrace.c: Cosmetic cleanup.
      include/stap-probe.h: Add comment about SystemTap argument format
      manual/probes.texi: Add documentation of setjmp/longjmp probes
      manual/probes.texi: Use "triggered" instead of "hit"
      ARM: Add SystemTap probes to longjmp and setjmp.
      manual/setjmp.texi: Improve clarity of Sys V context doc
      Fix __PTHREAD_MUTEX_HAVE_ELISION -Wundef warning
      Fix HP_SMALL_TIMING_AVAIL -Wundef warnings
      Fix _IO_JUMPS_OFFSET -Wundef warnings
      Fix __STRICT_ANSI__ -Wundef warnings
      Fix HAVE_RM_CTX -Wundef warnings
      Revert "Fix HAVE_RM_CTX -Wundef warnings"
      Revert "Fix _IO_JUMPS_OFFSET -Wundef warnings"
      Revert "Fix HP_SMALL_TIMING_AVAIL -Wundef warnings"
      Revert "Fix __PTHREAD_MUTEX_HAVE_ELISION -Wundef warning"
      aarch64: Remove inaccurate comment from sysdep.h
      benchtests/bench-strtod.c: Increase timeout value
      benchtests: Add benchtests for ffs and ffsll
      benchtests: Build ffs and ffsl benchtests with -fno-builtin
      elf/dl-lookup.c: Remove obsolete comment about nested function
      string: Cosmetic cleanup of string functions
      malloc: Fix MALLOC_DEBUG -Wundef warning
      benchtests: Improve readability of JSON output
      aarch64: Re-implement setcontext without rt_sigreturn syscall
      stdlib/tst-setcontext.c: Check for clobbering of signal stack
      manual/setjmp.texi: Clarify setcontext and signal handlers text
      ARM: Remove lowlevellock.c
      NEWS: Add 15119 to fixed bug list
      ARM: Add optimized ARMv7 strcmp implementation
      ARM: Allow auto-detection of linker relro feature
      malloc: Add mallopt test.
      stdlib/gmp-impl.h: Silence -Wundef warning for USE_STACK_ALLOC
      AArch64: Fix handling of nocancel syscall failures
      ARM: Fix handling of concurrent TLS descriptor resolution
      malloc/malloc.c: Avoid calling sbrk unnecessarily with zero
      test-skeleton.c: Use stdout for error messages
      elf/dl-lookup.c: Move STB_GNU_UNIQUE handling to a function
      elf/dl-lookup.c: Remove unnecessary static variable
      elf/dl-lookup.c: Use __glibc_likely and __glibc_unlikely
      sysdeps/posix/tempname.c: Merge from gnulib
      ARM: Add support for AT_HWCAP2 in _dl_procinfo
      malloc/obstack: Merge from gnulib
      string/memchr.c: Merge from gnulib
      Fix -Wundef warnings for SHARED
      iconv/loop.c: Fix -Wundef warning with !_STRING_ARCH_unaligned
      ARM: Fix compiler warnings from atomic.h
      AArch64: Remove lowlevellock.h
      Add BZ #16892 to NEWS

Yang Yingliang (1):
      Fix lll_unlock twice in pthread_cond_broadcast

Yufeng Zhang (1):
      [AArch64] Use GCC builtins to count leading/tailing zeros.

Yury Gribov (1):
      Update ARM ulps for VFPv4 (bug 16600).

Yvan Roux (1):
      AArch64: Remove asm/ptrace.h inclusion in sys/user.h and sys/procfs.h