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31244 2 0 nptl normal P2 2.39 pthread_cancel hangs on sparc32
31128 2 0 c++ normal P2 14.2 gdb crashes when trying to print a global variable stub without a running inferior
30322 2 0 gdb normal P2 --- gdb memory leak
30158 2 0 testsuite normal P2 13.2 rustc testsuite fails with 13.1, apparently worked before with trunk 20230114 on i686-linux-gnu and powerpc64le-linux-gnu
29407 2 0 default minor P2 --- kscope fails self-check
29295 2 0 gdb normal P2 --- [gdb] out of bounds access in objfile::section_offset
28987 2 0 gdb normal P2 15.1 Outdated value being displayed for variable while DWARF info apparently contains the correct one
28942 2 0 gdb normal P2 --- Problem with breakpoint condition calling a function in multi-threaded program
28856 2 0 python normal P2 --- Python pretty printer causes stack overflow when printing frame arguments
28771 2 0 libc normal P2 2.35 %ebx optimization macros are incompatible with .altmacro in Systemtap probes
28674 2 0 binutils normal P2 2.38 objdump crashed when compiled with `clang-13 -O0`
28500 3 0 build critical P2 14.1 Failure to find libgmp
28420 2 0 binutils normal P2 2.38 segv in objdump at disassemble_bytes objdump.c:3059
28224 2 0 gdb normal P2 13.1 Use-after-free when calling a GNU ifunc
27754 2 0 macros normal P2 --- Excessive CPU load and memory usage with -g3 debug info
27242 2 0 win32 normal P2 --- multiple definition of `UP'; ../readline/readline/libreadline.a(terminal.o):terminal.c:(.bss+0x98): first defined here
27151 2 0 breakpoints normal P2 11.1 Step will skip subsequent statements for malloc functions
26912 3 0 c++ normal P2 --- "file" command causes core dump while specifying the executable on the command line does not
26779 2 0 build normal P2 2.35 benign use after realloc at localealias.c:329
26772 2 0 symtab normal P2 11.1 [readnow] FAIL: gdb.dwarf2/dw2-align.exp: set lang c++

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