"ww2-bn" is a WWII simulation at battalion level.

NOTE: the graphics in these screenshots are the "old" 2-color versions that are used in 7.2.2. To see what Xconq 7.3's graphics will look like, look at the screenshot on the home page.

A number of scenarios use a giant map of Normandy. This is most of it, with the hexes rendered as 4x4 blocks of pixels. The map includes roads, railroads, rivers, flooded areas, towns, villages, and of course the beaches. [Screen Shot]

The game "cherbourg" is about the capture of Cherbourg by the American VII Corps, mid-June 1944. As you can see from this screen shot, the Germans are already cut off, so their only goal is to delay the capture as long as possible.

[Screen Shot]

This is a Mac map window showing the eastern (Utah Beach) side of the VII Corps frontline. Many units are still struggling with the flooded Merderet, while others have a straight shot down the road to Valognes; the Americans cannot yet see how many flak batteries await them... [Screen Shot]

Another game is "cobra", a re-creation of the Operation Cobra breakout. This shot shows the frontline at 8x8 magnification.

[Screen Shot]

St Lo was a focal point of the fighting in mid-July. In this scenario, the Americans will find it very hard to keep once captured. [Screen Shot]

Many of the units in ww2-bn scenarios include their historical designations, although I can't guarantee the accuracy of every position. [Screen Shot]

The full Normandy landing scenario "normandy" starts in the dark of the very early morning, with the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions already on the ground. In the first turn of the scenario, there is an opportunity for the Germans to neutralize as many of the units as possible, before they can consolidate themselves into a well-defended force covering the landings that are about to occur.

[Screen Shot]