28 August 2003 Progress continues, 7.5 release approaching
See the mailing list archives for information on new/improved game modules, enhancements to the AI, and more.

7 June 2003 Looking for feedback on Cast Iron Life
In this mailing list post, one of the authors of Cast Iron Life asks people to try out their xconq-based game.

11 January 2001 SDL Interface Added
There is now a first version of a user interface based on the cross-platform media library SDL. At the moment this just consists of a bare map using exactly the same graphics as the other interfaces, so there's not much special to see yet.

27 December 2000 Mac Screenshots Updated
Check them out here.

21 December 2000 Xconq 7.4 Available!
This release features Hans Ronne's new Tolkien-inspired game "Lord of the Rings", Keir Novik's "Carrier Battles" and "Coral Sea" game, ability to see all units in a stack, more flexibility when starting up network games, better feedback when units can't do things, isometric map display (Unix only), and many Mac interface improvements. There are also a number of smaller changes, see the NEWS file for details.
4 August 2000 Isometric Display Working
While a prototype of isometric display has been in the sources for some time, it's only recently been made usable. Check out these screenshots!
[The first is from the standard game, the second is a closeup from the panzer game with a vertical exaggeration of x5, while the third is the same, but zoomed out, and showing areas not currently under observation.]

12 July 2000 Rewrite of View/Fog-of-War Code
The current sources in CVS now include an improved version of unit viewing, that now tracks enemy unit sightings with individual objects. Not only does this fix a number of longstanding bugs, but now your map can display a whole stack of enemies, even if you don't have any of your own units currently viewing the enemies' location.

19 June 2000 7.3.3 Mac Binary Available
7.3.3 includes a number of minor Mac-specific patches over 7.3.2. Download the Mac binary.

15 June 2000 Xconq 7.3 Available!
After more than two years of work, Xconq 7.3 is finally done. The list of changes is quite extensive! Highlights include a rewritten Unix GUI, a Windows port, tech advance types, active independent units, and Civ-type games. Download the sources.

25 April 2000 Snapshot 7.2.97 Available
Features of this snapshot include a much improved NW Europe Campaign game (nw-europe.g), still more Civ emulation including Trident images from FreeCiv and per-side research on Macs, plus a host of smaller bug fixes and interface enhancements. Download the sources.

14 March 2000 7.2.96 Mac and Windows Binaries Available
Download the Mac binary.
Download the Windows binary.

13 March 2000 Snapshot 7.2.96 Available
Additions include snow/mud effects in the ww2-eur-42 game, beach-only landings in WWII ETO games, improved Mac interface (esp. city dialog), and better Civ emulation. Download the sources.

12 March 2000 Tailhook Game Contributed
Keir Novik has contributed an impressively detailed game module tailhook.g, about carrier operations in the Pacific, 1941-42. Also, a scenario for the Battle of the Coral Sea, named coral-sea-th.g. Thanks Keir!

22 November 1999 7.2.95 Windows Binary Available
Fixed the image bug in 7.2.94. Only affects Windows version. Download the Windows binary

19 November 1999 7.2.94 Windows Binary Available
Testing shows that some images are messed up when restoring a saved game, but the game is still playable. Download the Windows binary

18 November 1999 Snapshot 7.2.94 Available
This snapshot features better save/restore, plus HR's independent unit changes mentioned below. Download the sources

8 November 1999 Home Page Reorganized!
This page now has a table of links and a news section.

29 October 1999 New AI Available
The energetic Hans Ronne has introduced the "iplayer", which is a limited-IQ AI that tells independent units what to do. Mainly this means self-defense, although the iplayer can get aggressive and come after unwary players.

24 October 1999 Live Independents Now Available
Hans Ronne (hronne@pp.sbbs.se) has just checked in the new independent side code. Here is how it works: in the Setup Dialog you can now check "Indeps have AI" (off by default). If you do, the independent units will come alive and behave just like another side in the game. Right now it is running under full mplayer control, which means it is very hard to beat in games where most units start out as independents. There will be a crippled version of the mplayer later which restricts independent units to local defense etc.

If you want to try out this feature, he recommends the Roman Civil War. With live independents, it is more like the "Great Barbarian Invasion" after a few turns. Playing the intro game with this feature on is rather tough. The indepside will most likely wipe you out before you even get to meet the robots.

10 October 1999 7.2.93 Mac Binary Available
Download the Mac binary

4 October 1999 7.2.93 Windows Binary Available
Download the Windows binary

3 October 1999 Snapshot 7.2.93 Available
This snapshot features usable networking for Unix and Windows, and many AI improvements by Hans Ronne.

31 August 1999 7.2.92 Windows Binary Available
After much hacking and tinkering and fiddling, there is now a working Windows binary for people to try out. This is a first for me; while Cygnus has shipped plenty of Windows tools, I generally supervised rather than getting any of that stuff on my hands. :-) Anyway, there are probably going to be a lot of things wrong, so let me know what happens. I've only tested on NT, but 95/98 *should* work (famous last words). Download the Windows binary

30 August 1999 Snapshot 7.2.92 Available
What with no snapshots for several months, but lots of CVS checkins, I'm sure all the non-CVS users have been feeling left out of the development party! So to remedy that, here's a new snap. I think I've fixed most of the issues that have been reported. Check out the spiffy preferences stuff, and the many general interface enhancements.