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Since the first release of Xconq in 1987, it has benefited from the work and ideas of literally hundreds of people, first at the University of Utah, then worldwide.

Special thanks must go to Eric Muehle, a tireless source of ideas, advice, and playtesting at Utah; Greg Fisher, who added many good things to make 5.4; and Robert Forsman, who did a great deal of work for 5.5. Eric Ziegast and Alan Clegg have been essential to maintaining the old Xconq mailing list and archives at ftp.uu.net.

For version 7, Massimo Campostrini deserves special note for contributing the PS printing code, X11 color image display code, X11 new game dialogs, xshowimf, and a number of library modules, as well as many other fixes and enhancements.

Hans Ronne contributed extensive improvements to the Mac interface starting with 7.2, including offscreen graphics, color controls, and more preferences. He is also responsible for the scientific advances for scientific advances, for the advanced unit support, and many other improvements.

Sami Perttu contributed a supply line model.

Erik Sigra contributed the Swedish place name generator.

Other contributors have been (in alphabetical order): Jim Anderson, Tom Baker, Ed Boston, Richard Braakman, Mark Bradakis, Alain Brossard, Richard Buonanno, Michael Burschik, Germano Caronni, Harold Carr, Ben Chase, Chris Christensen, Kevin Deford, Dan Dickey, Fred Douglis, Miles Duke, Barry Eynon, Doug Ghormley, Thomas Granvold, Stephen Griese, David Harr, Scott Herod, Eiji("A.J.") Hirai, Kurt Hoyt, Jeff Kelley, Bob Kessler, Jim Kingdon, Dan Koppenheffer, Timo Korvola, Jed Krohnfeldt, Rick Ledoux, Brian Lewis, Sandra Loosemore, Michael Lounsbery, Antoine Makhlouf, Steve McInerney, Eric Mehlhaff, Jimmy Miklavcic, Tim Moore, Scott Mueller, Keir Novik, Julian Onions, Dave Pare, Stephen Peters, Chris Peterson, Mohammad Pourheidari, Dan Reading, Cary Renzema, Tom Richards, Joel Rives, David Ronis, Jay Schuster, Larry Schwimmer, Jay Scott, Jose' Manual Sebrosa, John Shovic, Josh Siegel, Leigh Stoller, Ravi Subrahmanyam, Cimarron Taylor, Spencer Thomas, John Tonry, Rich van Gaasbeeck, Henry Ware, Grant Weiler, Jeff Young, and many others.

Thanks to Tatu Rissanen and the FreeCiv team for the "trident" Civ image library.

The standard Xconq distribution includes several packages incorporated more-or-less verbatim: Ad2C script, by George Ferguson and others, SelFile library, by Michiharu `NinjaTerm' Ariza and Erik M. van der Poel, Infinity Windoid WDEF, by Troy Gaul, libcurses library, by Larry Gensch and Robert Zimmerman, texi2html script, by Lionel Cons, texinfo.tex, by Robert Chassell.

Thanks also to the University of Utah, Apple Computer, and Cygnus Solutions (now Red Hat), who have all contributed machine resources that helped in the development of Xconq.

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