Game Setup

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Synthesis done when setting up this game:

Fractal percentile terrain: (not attempted)
    Alt blobs density 5000, size 40, height 500
        2 smoothing passes
        Lower percentiles: 70% for desert, plains, forest, 0% for sea, vacuum, 99% for ice, 93% for mountains, 69% for swamp, 68% for shallows.
        Upper percentiles: 93% for desert, plains, forest, 68% for sea, 100% for ice, 99% for mountains, 71% for swamp, 69% for shallows, 0% for vacuum.
    Wet blobs density 1000, size 100, height 100
        2 smoothing passes
        Lower percentiles: 0% by default, 80% for forest, 50% for swamp, 20% for plains.
        Upper percentiles: 100% by default, 80% for plains, 20% for desert, 0% for vacuum.
    Terrain around edge is ice.

Countries: (not attempted)
    5 cells across, at least 16 cells apart, and at most 48 cells apart
    Minimum terrain in each country: 0 by default, 3 for sea, 6 for plains.
    Start with: 0 by default, 1 for city.
    Independents nearby: 0 by default, 5 for town.
    Favored terrain:
        town: 0% by default, 20% for desert, forest, mountains, 40% for plains.
        city: 0% by default, 100% for plains.

Independent units: (not attempted)
    Chance of independent town: 0% by default, 0.50% in desert, forest, mountains, 1% in plains.

Materials: (not attempted)

Names for units: (not attempted)

Names for geographical features: (not attempted)

141 choices in side library.

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File produced by Xcscribe for Xconq version 7.5pre (July 2004).