The largest map in Xconq's library is this spectacular map of the world, at a scale of 50 km/hex. At 800x320, this is a monster map, suitable for play only by the truly hardcore.

The name of this module is "u-e50-1998.g".

[World Map]

As we zoom in, city sites and rivers start to appear:

[Thumb e50-2]

Focusing on the Mediterranean, we can see the ancient cities of the Near East, as well as the mountain fastnesses of the Balkans:

[Thumb e50-3]

Shifting the view to Indonesia and Southeast Asia:

[Thumb e50-4]

Northern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Himalayas:

[Thumb e50-india-8]

At the next higher magnification, we can see the individual cities around the Ganges Delta:

[Calcutta Area]