Chapter 30. SystemTap Translator Tapset

Table of Contents

probe::stap.cache_add_mod — Adding kernel instrumentation module to cache
probe::stap.cache_add_nss — Add NSS (Network Security Services) information to cache
probe::stap.cache_add_src — Adding C code translation to cache
probe::stap.cache_clean — Removing file from stap cache
probe::stap.cache_get — Found item in stap cache
probe::stap.pass0 — Starting stap pass0 (parsing command line arguments)
probe::stap.pass0.end — Finished stap pass0 (parsing command line arguments)
probe::stap.pass1.end — Finished stap pass1 (parsing scripts)
probe::stap.pass1a — Starting stap pass1 (parsing user script)
probe::stap.pass1b — Starting stap pass1 (parsing library scripts)
probe::stap.pass2 — Starting stap pass2 (elaboration)
probe::stap.pass2.end — Finished stap pass2 (elaboration)
probe::stap.pass3 — Starting stap pass3 (translation to C)
probe::stap.pass3.end — Finished stap pass3 (translation to C)
probe::stap.pass4 — Starting stap pass4 (compile C code into kernel module)
probe::stap.pass4.end — Finished stap pass4 (compile C code into kernel module)
probe::stap.pass5 — Starting stap pass5 (running the instrumentation)
probe::stap.pass5.end — Finished stap pass5 (running the instrumentation)
probe::stap.pass6 — Starting stap pass6 (cleanup)
probe::stap.pass6.end — Finished stap pass6 (cleanup)
probe::stap.system — Starting a command from stap
probe::stap.system.return — Finished a command from stap
probe::stap.system.spawn — stap spawned new process
probe::stapio.receive_control_message — Received a control message
probe::staprun.insert_module — Inserting SystemTap instrumentation module
probe::staprun.remove_module — Removing SystemTap instrumentation module
probe::staprun.send_control_message — Sending a control message

This family of user-space probe points is used to probe the operation of the SystemTap translator (stap) and run command (staprun). The tapset includes probes to watch the various phases of SystemTap and SystemTap's management of instrumentation cache. It contains the following probe points: