Chapter 23. Queue Statistics Tapset

Table of Contents

function::qs_done — Function to record finishing request
function::qs_run — Function to record being moved from wait queue to being serviced
function::qs_wait — Function to record enqueue requests
function::qsq_blocked — Returns the time reqest was on the wait queue
function::qsq_print — Prints a line of statistics for the given queue
function::qsq_service_time — Amount of time per request service
function::qsq_start — Function to reset the stats for a queue
function::qsq_throughput — Number of requests served per unit time
function::qsq_utilization — Fraction of time that any request was being serviced
function::qsq_wait_queue_length — length of wait queue
function::qsq_wait_time — Amount of time in queue + service per request

This family of functions is used to track performance of queuing systems.