Chapter 29. Utility functions for using ansi control chars in logs

Table of Contents

function::ansi_clear_screen — Move cursor to top left and clear screen.
function::ansi_cursor_hide — Hides the cursor.
function::ansi_cursor_move — Move cursor to new coordinates.
function::ansi_cursor_restore — Restores a previously saved cursor position.
function::ansi_cursor_save — Saves the cursor position.
function::ansi_cursor_show — Shows the cursor.
function::ansi_new_line — Move cursor to new line.
function::ansi_reset_color — Resets Select Graphic Rendition mode.
function::ansi_set_color — Set the ansi Select Graphic Rendition mode.
function::ansi_set_color2 — Set the ansi Select Graphic Rendition mode.
function::ansi_set_color3 — Set the ansi Select Graphic Rendition mode.
function::indent — returns an amount of space to indent
function::indent_depth — returns the global nested-depth
function::thread_indent — returns an amount of space with the current task information
function::thread_indent_depth — returns the nested-depth of the current task

Utility functions for logging using ansi control characters. This lets you manipulate the cursor position and character color output and attributes of log messages.