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1.2. SystemTap Capabilities

Most of the SystemTap scripts enumerated in Chapter 5, Useful SystemTap Scripts demonstrate system forensics and monitoring capabilities not natively available with other similar tools (such as top, oprofile, or ps). These scripts are provided to give readers extensive examples of the application of SystemTap, which in turn will educate them further on the capabilities they can employ when writing their own SystemTap scripts.
The current iteration of SystemTap allows for a multitude of options when probing kernel-space events for a wide range of kernels. However, SystemTap's ability to probe user-space events is dependent on kernel support (the Utrace mechanism) that is unavailable in many kernels. Thus, only some kernel versions support user-space probing. At present, the developmental efforts of the SystemTap community are geared towards improving SystemTap's user-space probing capabilities.