How to Understand Component Reference Information

Every SID component has an associate text file that documents the component according to a standard template. The template is meant to include enough information for you to use the component in a simulation run. It includes a basic functional description and detailed low-level configuration information.

The component documentation does not attempt to describe an application programmer's view of a hardware-oriented component, so it is not a programming manual. You should refer to the hardware manufacturer's data books for this kind of information.

Finding Component Reference Information

To search for and display installed component documentation files that match a given substring, use the siddoc command.


siddoc [-l] name



is a substring of the desired component type name


specifies that you only want matching component types to be listed, instead of the actual documentation. Without -l, each matching documentation file will be displayed on the screen by running the more program.The default more may be overridden by setting the PAGER environment variable.


siddoc -l hw-cpu

will show hw-cpu-arm7t hw-cpu-m32r/d and any other CPU-type components that have documentation files.

siddoc memory-flash uart

will display the documentation files of both hw-memory-flash-* components, then the hw-uart-* components.