The SID simulator consists of an engine that loads and connects simulated components, based on a configuration file, and runs simulation sessions. The SID Simulation Toolkit provides a set of ready-made components that you can configure to create your own simulation environment.

Benefits of Using the SID Simulator

In recent years, there has been notable growth in the use and the application of embedded systems. However, the improvements to the design and testing tools have not kept pace with the rapid development of customized hardware parts. This simulation tool has been designed to help close this gap and meet the needs of embedded software developers. The simulation of the target environment enables embedded software developers to analyze and test their software, even in the absence of the physical hardware.

In many respects, the virtual target simulation enables a better development environment, since you can analyze a system design's functionality and performance in ways that are not possible on the physical hardware.

There are three key benefits that can be gained from using this tool:

However, in order to get the full value of the simulation tool. You do need to understanding the differences between the actual hardware and virtual target simulation environments.