hw-visual-clock (libtclapi.la :: tcl_bridge_library)


This is a graphical component for displaying the time given by a related real-time clock, such as the hw-rtc-ds1x42.



This component uses a graphical clock face to represent the time stored by a real-time clock. This component will inter-operate with many kinds of real time clocks, provided they provide hour, minute and second attributes.

window layout

The component supports resizing of its window. Its geometry may also be specified by another component, in which case the window will be resized accordingly. The minimum geometry is 150x150 and the aspect ratio must be 1 to 1 (that is, the window must remain square, so that the clock face is circular).

The component also allows you to alter the window title via the title attribute. By default, the window will be titled by the name of the relation through which the target component was configured.

time display

When a related real-time clock component is specified, this component will periodically query that component's hour, minute and second attributes to obtain values for the clock's known time. This will be shown on the graphical display. If no related component is specified, the clock face will be cleared.

SID Conventions
supervisory supported -
save/restorenot supported -
triggerpointsnot supported -


Related components

To use this component, relate it to a real-time clock component instance that provides the necessary hour, minute and second attributes:

        new hw-rtc-ds1642 rtc
        new hw-visual-clock clock-display
	relate clock-display "rtc window" rtc


Because this component is written in Tk, the bridge-tk event handling pins must be connected for at least one Tcl/Tk/BLT component.

Component Reference:

Component: hw-visual-clock

namecategorylegal valuesdefault valuebehaviors
geometrysettingXxY, where X, Y >= 100, X=Y150x150window layout
titlesettingany string'hw-visual-clock'window layout
(any name)window layout, time display--