hw-interrupt-cogent/cma222 (libinterrupt.la :: interrupt_component_library)


This component simulates the interrupt controller on the Cogent CMA222 ARM710T CPU model.



The interrupt controller model features 8 interrupt sources for the follow services: reset, serial port A, serial port B, timer, motherboard ethernet (CMA101) or parallel port (CMA102 and CMA110), and 3 interrupt lines for motherboard slots.


When the interrupt-source-0 input pin is driven, this component is reset to the hardware's normal power-up state.

register access

When the irq-registers bus is accessed, the appropriate 8-bit control register is read or written. Available registers are as follows: ISR (Interrupt Source Register), Clear ISR, IMR (Interrupt Mask Register), and 3 Interrupt Acknowledge slot registers. These registers are mapped at base address 0xF000000, and the following offsets:

offset read write
0xF600000 ISR (reserved)
0xF600008 (reserved) Clear ISR
0xF600010 IMR (reserved)
0xF600018 (reserved) IMR
0xF600020 IRQAckSlot1 (reserved)
0xF600028 IRQAckSlot2 (reserved)
0xF600030 IRQAckSlot3 (reserved)

Several registers are also available as watchable attributes.

interrupt handling

When any interrupt source is signalled, or interrupt-enabled masks are modified, pending interrupts are processed. There is only one interrupt source: the "interrupt-source-N" input pins. Subject to the then-current interrupt-enabling registers, the interrupt output pin may be driven.

The polarity for the input interrupt source pins is positive, meaning that non-zero values are interpreted as "asserted". On the other hand, the polarity for the output interrupt pins is negative, meaning that zero values are to be interpreted as "asserted".

Similarly named attributes may be used to generate/monitor pin traffic.

SID Conventions
functional supported

This is a functional component.

state save/restore supported

This component supports state save/restore.

triggerpoints supported

This component supports triggerpoints.


Related components

The interrupt controller sits between the ARM710T CPU on the CMA222 CPU board, and the other components on this board or the CMA motherboard. The following configuration file fragment shows all the onboard devices of the CMA110 motherboard connected to the interrupt controller.

	new hw-cpu-arm7t cpu
	new hw-timer-arm/ref-nosched timer
	new hw-interrupt-cogent/cma222 intcontrl
	new hw-uart-ns16550 uart1
	new hw-uart-ns16550 uart2
	connect-pin uart2 INTR -> intctrl interrupt-source-1
	connect-pin uart1 INTR -> intctrl interrupt-source-2
        connect-pin timer interrupt -> intcontrl interrupt-source-3
	connect-pin parport INTP -> intctrl interrupt-source-4
	connect-pin intcontrl interrupt -> cpu nirq

Component Reference:

Component: hw-interrupt-cogent/cma222

interrupt-source-[0,7]inanyinterrupt handling
interruptout0..1interrupt handling

irq-registers0x0..0x37Fread/writeregister access

namecategorylegal valuesdefault valuebehaviors
interruptpin watchablenumeric-interrupt handling
irq-raw-statusregister watchablenumeric-register access
irq-enable-registerregister watchablenumeric-register access


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