The SID Component Developer's Kit (CDK) from Red Hat, Inc. provides you with the tools you need to create a simulated environment and to create simulated components. With these tools you can write and test software for an embedded system before the physical hardware is ready. The CDK provides:

This guide provides documentation for the Component Developer's Kit. It guides you through the steps you need to take to develop your own simulation components.

About the SID Simulation Environment

The SID development environment enables levels of debugging and testing that are not readily available on real hardware. The SID simulation environment offers:

Greater Availability.

Early production hardware is often available in very limited quantities. SID allows a greater number of embedded software developers to access the tools they need to write and test software.

More Control.

The simulator can be easily stopped, reconfigured, and rerun. The system state can be saved and restored. This is not easy on real hardware.

Increased Debugging Ability.

The simulator provides a debugging environment that is not possible to create on real hardware. The simulator can show internal state of devices revealing information that cannot be captured with a logic probe. The simulator also provides more debugging control (with the use of triggerpoints, for example) than is possible on real hardware.

Increased Stability.

Early prototype hardware may have bugs or be unstable. The simulator enables comparative testing on early prototype hardware so that hardware bugs are easier to identify.

The SID Simulation environment provides continuity between developing and debugging on real hardware and on simulated hardware.