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Visual Explain

Visual Explain is a tool for visualizing the output of the PostgreSQL EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN ANAYLZE commands. EXPLAIN / EXPLAIN ANAYLZE shows users the query plan that a PostgreSQL backend produces for a given optimizable query. The default form of this plan is a plain-text tree, which, while easy to read for simple queries, becomes progressively more difficult to interpret as query complexity increases. By visualizing the text output of EXPLAIN / EXPLAIN ANALYZE in an appropriate manner, the difficulty of interpreting query plans drops significantly.

Visual Explain 2.0
Visual Explain 2.0 was released in November 2003. Visual Explain 2.0 includes many enhancements including support for PostgreSQL 7.3 backends, ability to save and restore resultant plans, additional node information and support for stopping EXPLAIN's thread of execution.
Screen shot: Visualizing a Query with Merge Join
Screen shot: Visualizing a Query with a Subplan
Screen shot: Explain / Explain Analyze Options
Screen shot: Altering Planner Options
November 28, 2003. (updated)

Visual Explain 1.1
Screen shot: Visualizing a Query with Hash Join
Screen shot: Visualizing a Query with a Subplan
Screen shot: Visualizing a Complex Query
December 16, 2002.