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CVS / Contributing

The PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition Graphical Tools are available via anonymous CVS checkout. The project team has imported the tools into the PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition Project Community Tree and will use this repository for development purposes.

The PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition Graphical Tools are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

We have opened development of the tools to the PostgreSQL community and will be accepting patches on the appropriate mailing lists. Bug reports should be directed to the our bugzilla.


You can access the project source tree through anonymous CVS.
  cvs -d login
    {enter "anoncvs" as the password}
  cvs -d co module
  where module is one of:

    rhdb-tools: Administrator, Visual Explain and Control Center. 
rhdb-admin: Administrator only. Note that Administrator contains both a Java and Tcl version of the tool.
rhdb-explain: Visual Explain only.
rhdb-cc: Control Center only.
installer: Installer.


The current CVS tip is live for active development for PostgreSQL 7.4.x.
The current stable release is RHDB-3-0.

In general, as development progresses, the CVS tip will contain the most current development source images. If you want the current stable release, add -r RHDB-3-0 to the CVS checkout line.
  RHDB-3-0: Administrator 2.0, Visual Explain 2.0 and
            Control Center 1.0-Beta	
  RHDB-3-0-FULL-BETA: Administrator 2.0-Beta and 
                      Visual Explain 2.0-Beta	
  RHDB-3-0-ALPHA: Adminstrator 2.0-Alpha and
                  Visual Explain 2.0-Beta  
  RHDB-2-1: Administrator 1.1 and Visual Explain 1.1
  RHDB-2-0: Administrator 1.0 and Visual Explain 1.0


Patches are to be sent to the appropriate mailing list. Submitted patches will be reviewed/approved and checked into the source tree by the maintainers. All patches must be accompanied by a ChangeLog entry.


Online documentation for the PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition Graphical Tools can be found here.