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Control Center

Control Center is a tool that enables you to create and manage PostgreSQL database services on a server. Control Center enables you to access the functions provided by PostgreSQL server-side utilities such as initdb, initlocation, pg_ctl, pg_config, and pg_controldata. It also provides an alternative to the direct use of Linux system-administration utilities such as service and chkconfig.

Control Center makes it easy to browse or edit pg_hba.conf, postgresql.conf, PG_VERSION,, and the backend log file. In addition, Control Center provides for the clusters it creates some of the functions that the post-installer and the RPM provide for the default cluster. Among these functions are running the regression tests and setting up the Red Hat Linux service script for a Database Cluster. The service script is used by the serviceconf, chkconfig, and service commands and also for starting the service at boot (if so configured) and stopping it at shutdown.

Control Center 1.0-Beta
Control Center 1.0-Beta was released in November 2003 as a beta. We are currently at work improving the functionality of the tool as well as fixing minor annoyances. We expect the tool to be released in January 2004.
Screen shot: Start / View Available Clusters (Summary)
Screen shot: Start / View Available Clusters (Summary and Detail)
Screen shot: View a Cluster's Control Data
Screen shot: Browse for Available / Installed Engines
Screen shot: Edit a Cluster's HBA
Screen shot: Edit a Cluster's Run Time Options
Screen shot: Edit a Cluster's Log Settings
Screen shot: View a Cluster's Log
November 28, 2003.