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Want to process XHTML in my XSL stylesheets.

I am generating three different types of output from an XML input.  One
of those output types is for consumption by a browser and contains
HTML.  The stylesheet which transforms the XML into HTML must itself
generate HTML tags.  I thought it would probably be better if I was to
define those tags as XHTML elements (e.g. <html:br/>) and then convert
those to HTML.  It seemed to me that this would provide better
maintenance, because my embedded (X)HTML would be checked against the
XHTML schema/syntax.

First question: If I have XHTML in an XSL stylesheet, will it be
validiated (e.g. are the XHTML elements in the XSL stylesheet checked
against the XHTML syntax/schema, or does validation only involve the XML
files being processed).

Second question: How do I get the XHTML embedded in the XSL stylesheet
to come out as HTML.  All the examples I have seen are addressing XHMTL
embedded in the input XML being transformed, not in the XSL stylesheet
specifying the transformations.

I suspect this is solvable with a two-pass transformation, but I'm
trying to avoid that.

Ed Knoll

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