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  • 2000-02-01 17:52 Carl Soane
  • 2000-02-01 19:31 Steve Tinney
  • 2000-02-02 14:02 mohamed
  • 2000-02-02 15:50 Steve Tinney
  • 2000-02-10 10:43 Stephan Albers
  • 2000-02-16 08:52 Igor Nakshin

    ** security problem and link

    <TD> </TD> background color

    Re: <xsl:if test="@attribute=$varValue">

    Réf. : XPATH : How to get the level of a node (depth) ?

    Acceding to the system

    ANN: Chess.XSL - a funny XSLT example

    ANN: RenderX site updated

    ANN: XSL-List Searchable Database

    Announce: Seventh Edition of XSLT/XPath Tutorial Materials

    RE: Any Chance of Giving XSLT the Ability to Parse Attribute Values a s Well?

    Any Chance of Giving XSLT the Ability to Parse Attribute Values as Well?

    Any XSL Based Internet Sites Out There?

    Anybody know XSLT training in Dallas

    Appending a Document to another

    Applying XSL and Javascript to XMLDOMNode objects

    Archive status (was: Re: grouping every three nodes?)

    asp problem

    attribute's value within href


    AW: Check this

    Begin with XSL-FO

    Begin with XSL-FO (2nd try)

    breaking up <tags> is hard to do

    Breaking up is hard to do.


    RE: call-template question

    Can XSLT take datasource other than XML

    changing table column to row

    Character entities

    RE: Check this

    RE: Check this (LINKS.VBS is a virus)

    RE: Check this _DO NOT OPEN!!!!!

    Cocoon XSP Session ID != Jserv HTTPSession ID

    Cocoon, Xerces, XSP, and Java HotSpot

    Combining XSL with DTDs

    command line XSLT engine

    Compare attribute values (fwd)

    Comparing 2 XML files

    concatenate a string

    copy-of and disabling output escaping

    Core concepts in XSLT

    Crazy idea: loopback namespace

    Re: creating html links

    Declaring internal entities in an xsl-file

    Depth of sourde tree

    Do not quote entire XSL-List posts

    Re:Doc Book....

    RE: Docbook


    document function

    document() revisited

    RE: document() revisited, final

    Documentation on string-replace

    Re: Doesn't' work // FW: How To Include external XSL files into a master XSL file

    DOM to SAX


    Element Text

    Email Virus Warning

    Embedded Elements

    Embedding java-command in XSL-stylesheet???

    empty nodeset throws exception in saxon


    Entity references in xml output

    error in http://www.w3.org/TR/2000/WD-xsl-20000112 or am I misunderstanding?

    RE: eval : how to pass a <xsl:value-of> ?

    Example for XML + XSL -> .fo ?

    Example of rendering XML + CSS

    excluding included comments?

    RE: extracting unique elements

    feature request; id idref pairs

    Feeding DOMs to XSLT Processors

    Filtering menu item based on user click behaviour

    Filtering on element

    Filtering on element name e.g. Author*

    Filtering using XSL

    finite loop, incrementing, or...?

    First/last call for WWW9 XML Dev Day 2000.05.19

    formatting tags

    generalizing an XSL solution

    Global variables and changing within templates

    graph traversal

    grouping every three nodes?

    handle & in XML

    How can I get the position of an element that has a descendant 'y' with value 'z' ?

    How powerful is this XSLT?

    How to add HTML code to variables

    How to build a frames using XSL

    How to check if a File exist ..

    how to do hyperlink with xml + xsl?

    How to get up to speed quickly?

    How to get xml tag in the xsl rule

    How To Include external XSL files into a master XSL file

    RE: how to influence dtd processing?

    how to install xmlinst

    How to reference many XML files in XSL

    How to retrieve value in xsl:value variable??

    How to unsubscribe (and other useful information)

    RE: HTML Forms and XSL

    Hyphens in XSLT element names

    IE5 and XSLT versions

    IE5:create elements with dynamic name

    Import/Include with IE5

    including an jpg-file

    Including javascript functions in XSL Stylesheet

    Inclusion of XML data in Javascript embedded within XSL

    Increment of a variable

    Indenting or aligning tables

    integrating a new extension into LotusXSL/Xalan

    RE: Is there a conflict in the definition of node() in XPath and XSLT ?

    Is there a conflict in the definition of node() in XPath and XSLT?

    Is there any way to access user request response in xsl

    Java performance (Saxon)


    Just for fun : XSLT rotating banners

    RE: Keeping entities of source file (was:Testing the number of child elements)

    Keeping entities of source file (was:Testing the number of child elements)

    large and small numbers in xsl

    The Lazy Syntax for XSLT, or TLSX

    List of web-site created using XML/ XSL

    localizing XML/XSLT with entities?

    MathML Entities not defined in MathML DTD ?

    MSIE and XSLT

    MSIE question


    Multiple Filtering

    Multiple if

    RE: multiple input files to one output file

    multiple values in params

    Namespaces and For-each

    namespaces, IE5

    Newbie question - dynamic filter on attribute values

    Newbie to XSLT

    No Subject

    no way to avoid errors if getting both strings and elements?

    Node selection question

    Node selection question - Correction

    Node with maximum attribute value

    Nodeset equality, inequality, and relational operations in XPath

    RE: noop?

    normalize-space function

    Not sure what is happenning


    RE: number and XT

    OASIS XSLT Conformance Informational/Organization Meeting Announcement

    Off-topic: DOS script for XML directory listing

    RE: Omitting XML declaration

    Omitting XML declaration (was: RE: xsl editor news item)

    Re: Omitting XML declaration (xt and Saxon experiences)

    paragraph style problem

    Re: parse using DOM

    Passing a parameter to an XSL document

    Perl "join()"-like operation?

    Positions Available: XSLT, Perl, Java in Bay Area

    Possibly Newbie questions...

    Postscript directly from XSL

    preceding sibling test

    Preserve White-Spacing

    Printing newline

    Re: Printing XML + XSLT (2nd try)

    Problem with entities and XT

    Problem with the document() function

    Problem with Xalan processing

    Problems with Copy-of with xalan

    Problems with sorting in XSL

    recursively including xml-files

    Regarding representaion of word styles in XSL...

    Relationship between XSLT and ASP (was Re: asp problem)

    Repetition without a repeated source node

    Reporting requirement for XSL


    Saxon 5.2 is available

    RE: Saxon [different results from Microsoft]

    RE: Saxon html includes unwanted white space in anchor tag

    select distinct?

    Selecting stylesheet at runtime?

    setStylesheetParameter() question

    Simple count question

    Some Questions (2nd try)

    Some questions...

    sorting by attribute

    RE: sorting by attribute + element vs attribute

    Storing XSL Documents In Database

    strange problem with string-replace

    Stripping whitespace & numbering without XSLT

    re: Style Matters - A class act

    Sum() function

    Summing of calculated columns...

    RE: switching stylesheets

    Teaching XSLT - Default Tempalte Rules


    testing the current node in IF statements

    Testing the number of child elements

    That unwanted white space in HTML output

    This URL "http://www.mulberrytech.com/xsl/xsl-list/archive" doesn't work!

    Transformation to HTML

    translate function & hex data

    Translate hacks [was: Re: Uppercase]

    translate one char to 2 or more chars


    Trying to learn XSL

    Updated XSL support in IE5?


    use of <xsl:copy>

    Use of document() and an English description please!

    Re: use of ID and IDREF pb

    Use of {}

    Using a variable as an Xpath expression

    Using a variable for node name matching

    Using a variable to check to see if that element exists in another xml doc.

    Using the xsl:if correctly

    using xsl:key

    using XT to process Web resources

    Variables and constants

    variables and substring


    virus warning [was Re: Check this]

    when will Internet Explorer support XSLT recommendation?

    Where can I find nice tutorial on MSXML

    Where can I find the XSLT DTD?

    where do i find the msxml tutorial

    Which one to choose

    Which parser/processor to use?

    Whitespace insertion

    xalan 0.19 Why am I getting alot of blank lines in output

    Xalan C++ - TestXSLT.exe

    Xalan redirect::write

    Xeena Update

    Xerces vs. Project X

    XML for C++ Update

    XML hierarchy

    XML to HTML by applying XSL

    XML to HTML using XSL

    RE: XML to HTML using XSL (over SAX}

    XML Version of the Corpus Encoding Standard

    XML/XSL and PHP

    XPATH : How to get the level of a node (depth) ?

    XPath against a Document

    XPath question

    xpath question

    XSDL Presentation

    Re: XSL & DTD

    XSL & DTD question

    XSL and IE5

    xsl and url parameter strings

    XSL and XML in one file

    xsl editor news item

    xsl fo lists.

    XSL FO question: Border/Padding and Indents

    XSL FO question: white-space-treatment

    XSL or CSS

    XSL problem

    XSL Processors in batch mode

    XSL Word-counter

    Re: The XSL-List Digest V2 #497

    RE: The XSL-List Digest V2 #510

    RE: The XSL-List Digest V2 #522

    xsl:call-template question

    xsl:eval : how to pass a <xsl:value-of> ?


    xsl:number and XT

    xsl:variable not suppported

    XSLT -> SAX -> XSLT (was Re: Feeding DOMs to XSLT Processors)

    XSLT and memory usage

    XSLT and XPath Quick Reference updated

    RE: XSLT conformance of MSXML2

    XSLT eval()

    XSLT performance - C++ vs. Java

    XSLT processing corrupts character encoding

    XSLT Question

    XSLT Testing

    XSLT Training Courses

    XT & indentation...not quite working?

    XT as servlet

    XT docs?

    XT documentation unclear ?

    XT DOM Adapter

    XT java extension

    XT output formatting

    xt parse

    XT users group

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