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RE: JavaScript

: Duane Nickull


>The role of the comment is very clear.  It simply prevents the
>JS from being
>displayed as text in non-JS aware sers.  Are we talking
>XML/XSL parsing
>in browsers that do not recognize JS?  There are no such browsers.

: Dave P s
Beg to differ.
Try js in Lynx. Unsure about Opera too.
Most access technology in js unaware.
Implication? Try page comprehen with your
eyes closed, using Lynx, on one of your js loaded pages.
Then think about doing that each time you visit a web p

Neither Opera nor Lynx fully support XML/XSL.  My comments refer to the fact
that it is generally *OLDER* bros that do not support javascript.  As
far as I know, there are no older browsers that fully support XML/XSL yet do
not suppoavascript.

Therefore,  if a browser is capable of parsing XML/XSL, it should have
javascript implementation.

I looked at tynx pages - very cool!!

Duane Nickull

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