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Re: The XSL-List Digest V2 #497


I hadn't thought of using SAX events as input, principally because I'm
not all too familiar with SAX.  It sounds like a good idea, but John
Cowan's tool (for generating a stream of SAX events from a DOM) is in
alpha, and I am reluctant to involve an alpha tool (especially one with
which I have little familiarity) in a production project.  I'll try to
spend some time with it, though.  I appreciate the input.


> Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 17:21:09 -0000 
> From: Kay Michael <>
> Subject: RE: Feeding DOMs to XSLT Processors
> > Somewhere along the way, I got confused.  Up until yesterday 
> > afternoon, I was of the thought that XSLT Processors such as XT,
> > SAXON, and Oracle's XML Parser for Java would accept standard DOM
> (Document/Node)
> > objects as input.  But, after having gone through all of 
> > them, I now am frustrated by the apparent fact that they are all
> file-centric. 
> SAXON will accept input from a stream of SAX events. There is a tool
> somewhere (I think John Cowan's site, ) >
> which
> will generate a stream of SAX events from a DOM.
> Of course this still means rebuilding the tree, but at least the data
> isn't
> reparsed.
> What I can't do at all easily is use an arbitrary user-supplied DOM
in place
> of my own tree structure. I did it at one stage and it was very slow.
> I
> thought James Clark announced that the latest xt would do it and that
> that
> was also very slow (but perhaps I'm mistaken).
> Mike Kay
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