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Re: Printing XML + XSLT (2nd try)

>I ended up working on a requirements model which permitted n-level
>grouping of the data, where each group may have different row-lengths
>for its "header", "carried-forward", "brought-forward" and "footer"
>details. This proved to be a really nice scope, chewy but do-able, and
>satisfying 98.35% of the customer requirements I came across. (The
>exception being where the customer wanted sub-groups repeated
>horizontally rather than vertically.)
>I don't want to waste bandwidth on a potentially off-topic matter, so
>I'll leave it here unless anyone is actually interested in how to
>implement this class of reports!

I am *really* interested in it, and have some ideas on how to express it
in XSL FO; but XSL FO have become kinda offtopic here ;-). My idea
is to implement something like DSSSL indirect sosofos using XPath
to address formatting objects on the current/preceding/following pages.
The current version of the XSL FO permits roles on elements; integrating
XPath into FO has thus become relatively straightforward... However,
if no one is interested in discussing it publicly, we can continue the


Nikolai Grigoriev

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