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Re: Use of document() and an English description please!

The XSL FAQ has quite a lot of information on document()

The basics are simple: document() takes a filename or URL argument, and
returns a node-set consisting of the respective input.

A particularly nice trick is the use of document('') to refer to the
stylesheet itself.


Dan Vint wrote:
> I've read several postings about using document() to process additional
> files, would someone post a template that does this please. Also, in
> reading the description of document () in the standard I'm lost and not
> even sure that I agree that the any of the combinations do this. Would some
> one care to take a stab at explaining the various combinations that
> document() can be used in, or at least the ones that you have verified work
> and what they do?

Steve Tinney                                        Babylonian Section
                                 *   University of Pennsylvania Museum                          Phila, PA. 215-898-4047

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