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(linux) xconq errors at exit

-O -g

127 Limit on Units

3 new games from Lincoln Peters

7.5 release?

Re: 7.5 release? - How you can help

[OFFTOPIC?] Doc Chow (was Re: Windows Installer for Xconq)

[OFFTOPIC] Re: xconq7, Receive SIX FREE VlAGRA tablets, limited timeoffer.

Re: [OFFTOPIC] Re: xconq7, Receive SIX FREE VlAGRA tablets,limited time offer.

Re: [OFFTOPIC] xconq7, Receive SIX FREE VlAGRA tablets, limited time offer.

[Patch] BadWindow/BadDrawable Fix

[Re: pathfinding refueling]

[RFC] Possible BadWindow/BadDrawable Fix

Advanced Unit Damage

Advances Through History bugs

Advances Tree?

RE: AI (very long)

RE: AI (was error handling)

AI now goes after bases

altruistic VS 2003 Solution files

RE: Animation time

Animation time (was: Re: -O -g)

annoying new bug in movement

anonymous CVS missing Windows stuff?

Another path-finding bug?

Appraisal of your web site "sourceware.org"

Availability of Xconq

Battle Evaluator API

Behind the Lines

Bellum Aeternum

better Windows UI

bomber paratrooper bug

Border Terrain (was Re: Compound Terrain Effects)

Boring question

Bug in self-unit code?

Re: Bug in unit ownership involving wrecked-type and occupant-escape-chance

Bug in unit ownership involving wrecked-type andoccupant-escape-chance

Bug: Large Maps

Bug: Tank sitting in water

Bugs in Bellum Aeternum

Re: Build List Limits and Hotseat

Re: Build system overhaul

Build system overhaul (Was: Tcl/Tk Interface Unification)

Burying the hatchet

C99 and Xconq (was Re: Fixes for string functions)

calendar and point questions

Cannot build Xconq on Debian Linux

Cannot do anything in water

Cannot open CVS/Entries: No such file or directory (was : Re:xconq-cvs Mailing List)

Canonical Windows build environment?

Re: Cconq

Cconq (was: Tcl/Tk Interface Unification)

Celebrity addresses & more



Clouds in Xconq

Complete Xconq packages for MacOS available

Compound Terrain Effects

Concept: Compound (hierarcical) units

Configuration and Building

A Couple Questions

CPU load 100% in windows (20031214) version

Crash in Cygwin

Crashes etc.

cvs compilation problems

CVS problem?

cygwin crash

dead cities

development languages

disembark cost to transports?

display centering

Doctrine, Plans, Tasks, Standing Orders

doing vs. talking

Downloading Xconq

Ease of MSVC build

easy build trees for non-Xconq gurus

emblem drawing glitches on linux

Error handling

Error: image "preview" does not exist

exact CVS checkin policies?

Expanding the Combat System

favoring known or unknown paths

Feature Request - Collapsable Occupant View

fighters fighting without ammo

Fix one, break one

Fixes for string functions

Fixes to the path-finding code

Forcing the player to resign in single player

Frequent SIGSEGV's

Further fixes to the tcltk interface

Game Module Line Delimiters

game saving

Games that fail to start

GDL, XML and others...Re: OT Python stuff (was RE: Python in Xconq)

Re: GDL, XML and others...Re: OT Python stuff (was RE: Python inXconq)

Genealogy helper & more

Getting the Treasury to Work and Other Issues

The gory Xconq kernel

growth agendas and OO

GTK+ hexmap widget

GUI problem

Help menu position

Hex (hic!) menu interface?


how simulate with xconq the units limit  model of games likewarcraft

How to install and run Xconq for Windows

HTML Documentation

I must have an answer regarding CVS



Important changes in the Xconq API

Improved network game file handling

Improved Xconq design windows

Installation Question - Linux Newbie

keys and menus

Lost some stuff, starting over on several things

Mac OS X procedure?

Mac OS X: menu keyboard shortcuts

Mac OSX (10.3) GUI Bug in latest package

MacOSX IMF Error

Major improvement to the Xconq kernel

Re: Major problem with the path code

Managing "Designers disgust". RE: cheating

Map drawing glitch in latest CVS snapshot

Re: Marketing Xconq

Marketing Xconq?

Re: Marketing Xconq? + battle isle suggestion

Material extraction no longer works?


Memory lane, hacked Xconq anno 1988.

Miscellaneous Things

Missing Structs and Functions

Mono, anyone?

More clues about that evasive pathfinding bug

More unit view stuff

More Xconq bug fixes

More xconq fixes

MSVC build environment?

My apologies

New combat model: d20? (was: Re: Marketing Xconq)

New email address

New Game

New Game, Korea 2006

New IMFApp and Xconq binaries

New Interpreter

New Interpreter (was RE: Marketing Xconq?)

New RPM's available

New Windows Installer

New Windows Installer and RPM's Delayed

New Xconq binaries

New Xconq binaries for Mac and Windows available

New xconq binaries including Mac OSX

New Xconq Game: Bellum Aeternum

New Xconq material display and help code

New Xconq Windows Executable

Newer Xconq Windows Executable

Non flat maps (use pentagons and septagons on maps)

non-programmer's opinion......

Occupant Combat, Redux

Occupant Protection

RE: One Hex Combat Resolution API

One Hex Combat Resolution, and jeweled teeth

OSX Crash on Build Dialog

OT Python stuff (was RE: Python in Xconq)

Patch for player exchange bug

Patch: tkmap.c

pathfinding refueling

pathfinding refueling 2 (was Re: pathfinding refueling)

Patrol methods


Please disregard accidently resent mail (Re: Recent Xconq improvements)

Please report network bugs

Please take me off this list

Pokemon-like Project for xconq framework

Poll: Xconq Windows binaries

pre-7.5 Documentation Patches

Problem with CVS build

Problem With Unit Fire

problems starting a new game

Problems, suggestions, etc.

Python in Xconq

Rebuilding Units That Turn

Recent Xconq fixes

Recent Xconq improvements

Record number of xconq checkins

Reduced Visibility Table?

Release philosophy (was: Re: Miscellaneous Things)

RTFM (was Re: What is SDL client supposed to look like?)

Satisfy your lover with an increased penis size crunch askn

Save/restore of network games now possible

Scalable Players on Set Games

scorekeepers with if and cond forms in the body

SDL and 3D

SDL builds on VS 2003!

SDL is not a GUI

Segfault in side_material_production

setgid (was: RE: New Interpreter (was RE: Marketing Xconq?))

Setting Advanced Unit Size

setting up standing orders question...

single or multithreaded for SDL client?

skelconq.exe doesn't handle 0 arguments

snprintf(3) and vsnprintf(3)

So let's get right to the point

Some issues with materials side report


Standard game problems in windows (20031214) version

Standardizing the Windows build

standing order

Standing orders

Re: Standing Orders

Static Occupant Bonuses to Attack

Strategic Range in Xconq

Stripping the 50k Map

Supply and AI

Table: can-enter-independent

Table: hit-by

Table: occupant-can-have-occupants

Table: road-into-chance

Tactical Commander

Tcl/Tk 8.3 on X11: BadWindow and BadDrawable errors

Re: Tcl/Tk Interface Unification

Tcl/Tk Interface Unification (was Re: New Xconq Windows Executable)

Re: Tcl/Tk Interface Unification (was Re: New Xconq WindowsExecutable)

Tcltk interface bugs fixed


Test Cases (was RE: Compound Terrain Effects)

testing VS 2003

tk-xconq font sizes

Re: transport and the bug

Re: transport and the bug + fixed

Transport Questions

tree code

Trying to run Xconq

Two new games from Elijah Meeks

UI proposal

RE: UI proposal (more screenshots)

unfair starting positions

Unit view bugs?

Unit View Options

Unit view problems (long)

Units question

update material display

Upgrading Xconq graphics

Urgent Transaction

Use of cygncurses7.dll or cygwin1.dll

Using GDB to debug Xconq

VS 2003 build of Tk client working


web page that lists feature implementors?

website update

WFM? WTF? (was RTFM (was Re: What is SDL client supposed to look like?))

What is Python really good for?

What is SDL client supposed to look like?

Where to report security issues in xconq?

Who's the SDL guy?

whose Windoze build it is anyways

Why Eric doesn't like my personal style


wimfapp binaries

Win9x support (was RE: 7.5 release? - How you can help)

Windows Installer for Xconq

Windows native UIs

xconq (from CVS) hangs after some time

XConq 7.5 (Mac) Libraries

xconq AI (Possible useful)

Xconq and Windows XP

Xconq binaries with new unit view code

Xconq bug fixes + binaries

Re: xconq ChangeLog Makefile.in

Xconq Configury Question

XConq design tools

Xconq for Windows XP?

Xconq GDL change

Xconq GDL changes

XConq GDL Questions

xconq gnatsweb

Xconq Help menu

Xconq images

Xconq language thoughts

Xconq on Windows

Xconq output files

Xconq Packaging (was Re: Major improvement to the Xconq kernel)

Xconq pre-7.5 RPMS Available

Xconq RPM's

Xconq RPM's (delayed)

Xconq testing: Win2K

Xconq UI thoughts

Xconq unit view bug for saved games fixed

Xconq Update

Xconq Windows and Mac binaries

Xconq Windows binaries need tcltk8.3

xconq-cvs Mailing List

Re: xconq/8: Rule called "replace".

xconq7, Receive SIX FREE VlAGRA tablets, limited time offer.

Your biggest baddest ass projects?

your CVS and testing culture?

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