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Re: Supply and AI

> This is not the AIs fault, because when I run the
> game under manual control
> I am unable to make any occupants leave their
> cities. Clearly, something is
> wrong with the game module. The ferry tables or the
> enter/exit tables are
> likely culprits.

In the immortal words of Microsoft: it's not a bug,
it's a feature.  You can only move units in armies, so
you load them onto armies (or fleets for ships) from
the city.  The ferry tables allow for movement from
armyy to city and city to army.  Units then attack
from the armies.  There are no repair settings, yet,
but eventually cities will repair units.

> BTW, if you want the AI to be less protective about
> cities (generally not a
> good idea) you can change ai-peace-garrison and
> ai-war-garrison from their
> defult values of 0 and 1, respectively. However, I
> recommend the opposite:
> a war garrison of at least 2 units is needed in most
> games.

I changed this and it didn't seem to have any effect.

> Do you have a stack trace? If you tell me where the
> code is crashing it
> will be easier to fix.

I'm afraid I don't even know what a stack trace is.

Transports have very little functionality as is,
though, because it doesn't seem you can load
sub-occupants.  I'll probably need to cut them loose
from the whole Fleet/Army system, anyway.

As usual, thanks for the help,

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