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[Bug tapsets/18597] long_arg() doesn't correctly handle negative values in 32-on-64 environment

--- Comment #5 from David Smith <dsmith at redhat dot com> ---
(In reply to David Smith from comment #4)
> If this code wasn't needed before, why is it needed now?

I've figured this out. This code is needed because stp_arg() (which long_arg()
calls) had a bug. The bug was that in some circumstances, longlong_arg() would
return a 64-bit value (from 1 register) when called on a 32-bit process.
longlong_arg()/stp_arg() was designed to do the following:

If we're in a 32-bit compat process, then you can't put a 64-bit value in 1
register. Instead, you have to break the 64-bit value up and put it in 2
registers. This is why longlong_arg() had code in it like this:

-       if (probing_32bit_app()) {
-               lowbits = _stp_arg(argnum, 0, 1)
-               highbits = _stp_arg(argnum+1, 0, 1)
-               return ((highbits << 32) | lowbits)

However, this code doesn't really work correctly on a 64-bit OS. Let me give an
example. Here's pread() and the x86_64 compat function for pread(). The 'pos'
argument (or the combination of 'poslo' and 'poshi' arguments) is a 64-bit

ssize_t sys_pread64(unsigned int fd, char __user *buf, size_t count, loff_t

asmlinkage long sys32_pread(unsigned int fd, char __user *ubuf, u32 count,
                            u32 poslo, u32 poshi)
        return sys_pread64(fd, ubuf, count,
                         ((loff_t)AA(poshi) << 32) | AA(poslo));

If we're probing a compat function, we'd never call longlong_arg(), we'd do the
same thing that the wrapper function is doing - call ulong_arg() on arguments 4
and 5 and slam the values together. Since probing_32bit_app() never returned
true, the supposed 32-bit code in longlong_arg() was never getting called.

Your patch has to add lots of "compat" probes because as a side effect of
fixing the negative value problem it "broke" longlong_arg() returning a 64-bit
value from 1 register even when in a 32-bit process (which shouldn't have
worked in the first place).

I've been struggling with the right way to fix this. I went down the same path
you tried, and ended up about in the same place. Then I decided to try a
different path.

What if we decided that if you call longlong_arg() on a 64-bit OS on a 32-bit
process you really *want* a 64-bit value from 1 register? In some ways this
makes sense and it matches our old behavior. My theory here is that you know
what you are doing and if you call longlong_arg() on a 32-bit process you must
be in the true 64-bit function at this point.

I'm testing this now and it works well on everything but ppc64. I'm unsure of
what is going on there.

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