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[Bug tapsets/18598] staprun markers don't exist

--- Comment #2 from David Smith <dsmith at redhat dot com> ---
(In reply to Josh Stone from comment #1)
> The more direct way to check existence is "readelf -n", and this is
> revealing:
> $ readelf -n /usr/local/bin/staprun
> readelf: Error: Input file '/usr/local/bin/staprun' is not readable.
> That's because staprun has mode 4110 (suid|xusr|xgrp).  Nobody has read
> permission, which effectively means only root can read it.
> Although you wrote a '#' before your commands, which usually indicates a
> root prompt... Is that so, or were you running as a user?

Ah, that was definitely it. With sudo:

# sudo stap -l 'process("staprun").mark("*")' 

I'll still write a buildok test case for this tapset.

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