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[Bug translator/18462] macro deprecation

--- Comment #5 from Josh Stone <jistone at redhat dot com> ---
(In reply to Martin Cermak from comment #4)
> But when the unwanted macro is being skipped in skip_pp(), scan_pp1() gets
> called, putting the macro into the pp1_namespace --- so later on the macro
> gets inadvertently expanded anyway: 

Good catch!  We definitely don't want that.

A similar problem would be when both the true and false side of a conditional
are defining the same macro name -- these should not be considered duplicates
since only one is actually defined in use.

> So what seems to fix the issue for me is to modify skip_pp() to call newly
> created scan_pp1_temp(), which behaves like scan_pp1() except of putting
> stuff into pp1_namespace.

Instead of duplicating any scan_pp1 logic, how about just adding a "skip"
parameter to short-circuit it when needed.

You have an XXX added to the library macro error - just for your debugging?

Other than that, just need some new tests covering macros within conditionals.

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