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Results of systemtap-20070922 snapshot on s390x

The examples are not running well on s390 resulting in a number of new failures this week. I have some work ahead of me:)

Kernel 2.6.23-rc6

=== systemtap Summary ===

# of expected passes            410
# of unexpected failures        15
# of expected failures          152
# of unknown successes          1
# of known failures             5
# of untested testcases         26

FAIL: optim FAIL: backtrace of yyy_func3 (2) (PR 4794) FAIL: print_stack of yyy_func3 (2) (PR 4794) FAIL: backtrace of yyy_func4.return (3) FAIL: print_stack of yyy_func4.return (2) FAIL: backtrace of timer.profile (1) FAIL: print_stack of timer.profile (0) FAIL: systemtap.maps/linear_over.stp (NEW) FAIL: examples/sig_by_pid.stp (NEW) FAIL: examples/sig_by_pid.stp (NEW) FAIL: examples/sig_by_proc.stp (NEW) FAIL: examples/sig_by_proc.stp (NEW) FAIL: examples/sigmon.stp (NEW) FAIL: examples/sigmon.stp (NEW) FAIL: examples/small_demos/keyhack.stp (NEW) FAIL: examples/small_demos/keyhack.stp (NEW) FAIL: examples/small_demos/key.stp (NEW) FAIL: examples/small_demos/key.stp (NEW) FAIL: examples/small_demos/proc_snoop.stp (NEW) FAIL: examples/small_demos/proc_snoop.stp (NEW) FAIL: buildok/example.stp (NEW) FAIL: systemtap.stress/current.stp compilation (PR4902) FAIL: 64-bit futimes (PR4902) FAIL futimes (PR4902) FAIL: 64-bit timer (PR4391) FAIL timer (PR4391) FAIL: 64-bit uid16 (NEW) FAIL: 32-bit futimes (PR4902) FAIL futimes (PR4902) FAIL: 32-bit uid16 (NEW)

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