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Dear sir /madam

I am James Banana  son of former Zimbabwean President,
Reverend Canaan Sodindo Banana who died on monday 
10th november 2003.My late father was president of Zimbabwe
from 1980 -1987.He was succeded by the then prime minister 
Robert Mugabe who because of political motives supported my 
late father former aides and accused him of sexual harrasement with same sex
(homosexuality) which carries a ten years sentence in Zimbabwe.
After an eleven days trial we  fled to Botswana after receiving information 
that Robert Mugabe and his cohorts are after our lives  and properties thinking 
my father was supporting the opposition party. My late father went back to
zimbabwe were  he was convicted for two years by the help of former 
south African president Nelson Mandela

To summarise this story, my late father decided to deposit the sum of
 $24,200,000USD (twenty four million two hundred thousand united states dollars) 
with a private security firm in europe with my name as the beneficiary.
Since my father is dead now and my mother is seriously ill,
I consider it worthwhile to look for a partner who will assist us in securing
the release of this deposit.For this transaction we will give out 10% for the assistance,
50% share for possible help on investing in any reliable venture,
2% to buy personal properties like a house and cars etc
when we relocate to a safer country.

There are however some minimal cost involved in securing 
the release of this deposit from the present holding company.

If you would want to proceed under these terms,
please reply for detailed information.
If you do not accept my offer,please in good 
fate treat with utmost confidentiality .
A quick reply with your name,telephone and fax numbers 
for more confidential communication will be highly appreciated.

Regards ,

James  Banana.

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