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                                                         Tel No; +27 83 525 2954
                                                         JOHANNESBURG-SOUTH AFRICA.

Dear Sir,

This mail may come to you as a surprise but I plead with you to Patiently read through it before making a decision whether to assist me or not.

I wish to solicit for your assistance in this transaction, which I strongly believe, will be of mutual benefit to all parties.

My name is NIGEL SULIAMAN, a branch manger with a leading bank in South Africa, my colleagues and I wish to seek your assistance in the transfer of GB £ 45,000,000.00 (Forty Five million British Pounds Sterling only) to a foreign bank account.

An American national deposited this money in a fixed deposit account in the bank, six years ago. The maturity date of the fixed deposit had expired.

Incidentally, MR. JEFF STEVENS, who was the beneficiary (next of kin), died September 11, 2001 aftermath of World Trade Center bombing. He left no one as next-of-kin to claim funds.

All efforts made to trace any known relations of his proved abortive, and no one has written our bank in this regard. All modalities for the successful transfer of funds into an offshore bank account have been put in place.

We therefore seek your consent to transfer funds into your would be nominated bank account by presenting you as the next of kin of the depositor. We have agreed you retain 30% of funds after transfer into your account, should you accept to assist us.65% to be transferred to us and 5% set aside for expenses parties will incur during or after the transaction

Please kindly confirm your interest and willingness to assist. For confidentiality, please reply via Fax no; 27 11 507 6103 or Tel No 27 83 525 2954, email: I am looking forward to a favorable reply from you. Please kindly state your full private contact details for easy communication

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