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PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition - Graphical Tools Suite Beta Released

The latest development version (beta) of the PostgreSQL - Red Hat
Edition Graphical Tools Suite is available for checkout. The tools
have been tested on Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1, Red Hat
Linux 8.0 and Red Hat Linux 9 using PostgreSQL 7.3/7.2 backends.

The Administrator and Visual Explain source code can be checked out
from our cvs repository at

Enhancements to the tools include, but are not limited to:

Administrator 2.0-Beta
    . Full support for functionality introduced in PostgreSQL 7.3
      backends (schemas, casts, domains, operator classes, etc)
    . Table Data Viewer to browse data
    . Increased tool navigation capabilities
    . Import / Export support
    . Full privilege support

Visual Explain 2.0-Beta
    . Full support for PostgreSQL 7.3 backends
    . Ability to save and restore resultant plans
    . Stop button provided to halt Explain / Explain Analyze thread
    . Support for modifying GUC variables
    . Tooltips for tree nodes show total time or cost
    . Additional node information (node time, percentile of time, etc)


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