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Re: Error occured at newlib-1.8.1 (fwd)

"戀上泉水...." wrote:
> ----- Forwarded message from -----
> Hi.
>         Sorry to bother you.
>         I'm working with making a arm-gcc cross complier,and my host machine
>         is RedHat-Linux based on intel-586.
>         While I'm compiling newlib-1.8.1,there's an error occured.
> arm-semi-aout-gcc -g -O2  -O2 -DABORT_PROVIDED -DHAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY
> -DARM_RDP_MONITOR -fno-builtin -I/home/jwlin/gnu/newlib-1.8.1/arm-semi-aout/
> newlib/./targ-include -I/home/jwlin/gnu/newlib-1.8.1/arm-semi-aout/newlib/
> ./libc/include -c dtoa.c
> In file included from mprec.h:31,
>                  from dtoa.c:33:
> /usr/local/arm/lib/gcc-lib/arm-semi-aout/2.6.3/include/float.h:1: #error
> /float.h values not known for cross-compiler
>         And I can't find "float.h" anywhere in this library.
>         It's seems that "float.h" is machine-dependent , right?
>         Would you please tell me how to overcome this error or where
>         can I find a complete document?
>         Thank you for your help.

The float.h file is part of the gcc, not newlib.  I would suggest you try upgrading
your version of gcc to the latest EGCS release which you can get from

-- Jeff Johnston (Cygnus Solutions)

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