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Re: Mauve Code Coverage

> Koalog seems to integrate all kinds of free software like Ant, SkinLF,
> JUnit and Log4J so I hoped you would distribute it under a Free Software
> license.

Actually, we just integrate with Log4J.
KCC easily integrates with Ant, but Ant is not redistributed with KCC and you 
can use KCC without Ant.
Same with SkinLF. BTW we gave a KCC license to the developper of SkinLF.
We just use JUnit internally for our tests.

Since we use free software, our policy has always been to give licenses to the 
people of the free software community who were interested in our products.
In the same spirit, we gave several licenses of our constraint solver to 
universities and students.

> I was not refering to the price, but meant Free Software as
> defined by the Free Software Foundation:

Well, we are a small software company ... we can't let people modify and 
distribute our applications. If we become bigger, we could sell support 

> Since I am working on free software like gcj and GNU Classpath to
> provide users a way to migrate away from proprietary software whenever
> possible I am not comfortable with using non-free products if I can
> avoid it.

I fully understand. 

> The GNU Compiler Collection comes with gcj (GNU Compiler for Java) to
> create native binaries from java source code and gij (GNU Interpreter
> for Java) to interpret java byte code from class or jar files.
> <>
> And there is Kaffe a traditional JVM which includes a Just In Time
> compiler <>

Yes, i know these two.  Maybe, i'll try one of them. Which one do you 


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