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Re: Mauve Code Coverage

> Anyway, my email concerns code coverage. Do you compute the code coverage of 
> your test suites?

AFAIK, no we don't.

> At Koalog, we have developped a powerful code coverage computation tool 
> ( 
> You can download an evaluation version. 
> If you like it, and since you are an open-source project, we could grant you 
> the right to use it with no restrictions.
> Let me know what you think.

I think this is a good idea in principle.  But a better idea would be
for you to run the coverage tool on Mauve/Classpath/some VM and post the
results.  If you could set something up to do this automatically, that
would be even better!

Another point is that coverage testing will only really help if people
volunteer to write good test cases to fill in the gaps.

Finally, coverage testing won't tell us about test cases that are incorrect;
e.g. ones that test for implementation specific behavior, or ones that don't
work against various Sun JDK's.  In other words, Mauve's limitations are not
just restricted to coverage.

-- Steve

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