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Re: Build Error


On Sun, 2003-06-08 at 12:31, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> OK. I see that the configure --with-gcj which does a native compile
> seems to be broken (almost same error as you have). Hmmmm. Will
> investigate later.

The problems comes from the fact that we are now sometimes using a class
both as a test and as an helper class for another test. This means that
we have to make sure that the combination of 'choices' and the 'uses'
only contain each class once. The attached patch does this. 

2003-06-08  Mark Wielaard  <>
        * choose: Add all classes first to usesfile to uniqify them later
        before adding them to choises.

I have checked it in. It should fix your problem.
For me the following now works:

$ GCJ=gcj-3.3 ../mauve/configure --with-gcj
$ make check KEYS=libgcj

Which gives: 174 of 7979 tests failed
(Using a slightly tweaked mauve-libgcj)


Index: choose
RCS file: /cvs/mauve/mauve/choose,v
retrieving revision 1.21
diff -u -r1.21 choose
--- choose	12 Jul 2002 19:33:27 -0000	1.21
+++ choose	8 Jun 2003 12:33:26 -0000
@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@
    if test "$ok" = yes; then
       class="gnu.testlet.`echo $file | sed -e 's/\.java$//' | tr / .`"
       dirpart="`echo $file | sed -e 's,/[^/]*$,,'`"
-      echo " gnu/testlet/$file" >> $choices
+      echo "gnu/testlet/$file" >> $usesfile
       if test "$istest" = yes; then
 	 echo $class >> $classes
 	 test -n "$verbose" && echo "Chose $class"

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