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Re: Build Error


On Sun, 2003-06-08 at 09:01, Dara Hazeghi wrote:
> I just checked the latest mauve out of cvs, set GCJ to
> the appropriate executable, ran autoreconf;
> ./configure --with-gcj; make check
> make check fails with (apologies for yahoo's munging
> of the messages)...
> [...]
> Is this a known problem, or did I miss something
> obvious when building? Thanks,

Each VM that uses Mauve should come with a keys file that tells which
Mauve tests can be compiled/run with it. For gcj these are in cvs as
libjava/mauve-libgcj. You will see that When you place this file in the
mauve top-level directory you can do a 'make check KEYS=libgcj'.

gcj can also use mauve from its own testsuite. See the section
"Additional testing for Java Class Libraries" in

OK. I see that the configure --with-gcj which does a native compile
seems to be broken (almost same error as you have). Hmmmm. Will
investigate later.

In the meantime you can use gcj in "traditional" mode as normal byte
code compiler and interpreter by configuring as:
$ JAVA=gij-3.3 JAVAC="gcj-3.3 -C" ../mauve/configure
$ make check KEYS=libgcj



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